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Ocpuritech water filter system supplier for food industry

Ocpuritech water filter system supplier for food industry

Ocpuritech water filter system supplier for food industry

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number
20inch jumboo blue housing
for water treatment application
0.415* 0.48 *0.71
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Aomi has professional production workshops and great production technology. Ultrafiltration system we produce, in line with the national quality inspection standards, has reasonable structure, stable performance, good safety, and high reliability. It is also available in a wide range of types and specifications. Customers' diverse needs can be fully fulfilled.Ultrafiltration system produced by Aomi stands out among many products in the same category. And the specific advantages are as follows.
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Application Scope
Aomi's reverse osmosis systems is widely used in various scenes.Aomi insists on providing customers with one-stop and complete solution from the customer's perspective.
Company Advantages
1. Ocpuritech filter system has passed a full-scale evaluation. The evaluation of PLC, valves, monitors, and controllers have been conducted by the third-party organization.
2. The testing of the product is regularly conducted to ensure the high quality.
3. Ocpuritech sets up an integrated series of quality assurance system to ensure its quality.
4. The product can greatly reduce errors in the workplace and also help improve the quality of the work, which will result in productivity.

Basic Configuration




Industrial water filter cartridge

Dia. Of Inlet & Outlet


Operating TEMP


Normal Operating Pressure


Max. Operating Pressure


Suitable cartridge

20’’ PP/GAC/CTO jumboo filter cartridge

product details


1‘’ inlet and outlet ,multiple sizes can be available (1.25" and  1.5", with/ without brass inlet/outlet)

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20 inch 2-stage jumbo blue filter housing pretreatment is made of rugged reinforced Polypropylene (PP) and Styrene Acrylonitrile (AS), Excellent jumbo blue housings are for residential applications such as reverse osmosis systems, food/beverage service industry. It can be used as pre and post filtration with your RO system. The Water filter housing is made of high quality PP filter cartridge and CTO filter cartridge .To avoid leakage, the thicker housing and rib design can withstand high pressure and have strong structure.


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1. 2 stages pretreatment without electricity.The first stage is PP filter.The second stage is GAC /CTO/PP

2.keep more useful element

3.Easy maintainance  and operation



Main Features
1) Highly efficient disinfection.
2) Without secondary pollution.
3) Large volume of continuous disinfection.
4)  Easy operation and lower maintenance costs, safe ,Wide Application.
6)UV systems are compact and easy to install
7)No additional chemicals



Under the sink , residential use filtration, Pretreatment of reverse osmosis filtration, food clean service ,lab, water Station.

With the continuous advancement of industrialization, more and more sources of water pollution, the composition of water is becoming more and more complex, and the quality of water is declining. In this case, there is less and less potable water that can meet people's needs. Improving water quality is already imminent; we will use jumbo blue housing pretreatment, which can satisfy cleaning hands, food clean service, pretreatment reverse osmosis filtration etc.

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3 stage blue housing systems with UV

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2 stage blue housing pretreatment

CE certificate


CE certificate is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA, This makes the CE certificate recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Our water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE and provide 1 -year warranty, many clients are very recognized for the quality of our products, we are your trusted partners, contact us now!

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to a comprehensive development that includes the R&D, design, manufacture, and sales of filter system .
2. As the need for automation continues to grow, our factory has newly introduced sets of semi-automation and full-automation facilities. This enables us to continually make improvements in quality such as precision and innovation.
3. We aim to stay at the forefront of implementing sustainability practices. We achieve this by reducing CO2 emissions and production waste from our own manufacturing. In order to reduce the overall environmental impact of our products and activities, we have made many efforts. We have made progress in low energy usage and resource conservation. We encourage, inspire, and challenge every employee to unleash their potential in meaningful ways that help advance our purpose and strategy. Our mission is to understand our customers as well as our market to provide products and services beyond their expectations to enhance their quality of life.
Packaging & Shipping




Application of the synthetic diesel oil 


Product Description


Black pyrolysis fuel oil decolorization and deodorizing to diesel 

The used motor oil desulfurization to diesel plant in machine oil purifier for industrial is produced by the most advanced technology , It is the most convenient and economic & environmental friendly way to refining the waste black oil .
We love our APEC water system. The water tests about 35 now, down from 430. Since my husband does not enjoy installations we hired a plumber which increased the final cost of the system but we are glad to have it installed. I purchased a few glass containers which I fill daily and keep in the refrigerator. We seem to drink more water now and use less ice. I would recommend this system.
I usually don't write reviews unless an item is really good or really bad. We have been using this for about six weeks. This is fantastic! We have had Brita and Pur faucet filters and with the good reviews thought this one was worth a try. The price is great, the lever to switch from tap water to filtered is very sturdy, the water pressure on both tap and filtered is great and the switchover from one to the other is very fast. Also, the filters last much longer then other brands and the replacement filters are very reasonably priced. Wish it was also made in chrome or brushed silver. Highly recommend!!!
My PUR filter started leaking everywhere so I was looking for an alternative. This is far superior than the PUR basic. They pressure is so much better. It can fill a whole water bottle in seconds! I love the water pattern on both the normal mode and filter mode. I love the fact that you rotate the filter for times when you can't fit a water bottle underneath the filter! I can't attest to the quality of the water as I have not run any water quality tests. BUT, it does remove the tap water taste.
Perfect replacements, just used them for the first time this summer after having had my APEC system in service for a year.
12-26-2018 The unit has been installed and working fine for approximately one month. In real life, I do not see the stated temperature rise. The packaging indicates 47.8° F temperature rise at a flow rate 0.5 GPM. The lowest flow rate that this unit will allow is 0.45 GPM... Any lower flow rate and the device shuts off the heating element - apparently this is to protect from overheating. While testing at 0.45 GPM, the maximum temperature rise I have experienced was 39.6°F. In a bench test configuration the current draw was 28 amps at 122 volts (3,416 watts). Considering the flow rate was slightly below 0.5 GPM, I've concluded that this unit does not efficiently transfer energy to the water. At least not efficient enough to achieve the rated temperature rise of 47.8°F at 0.5 GPM. Although it does not quite hit the mark inefficiency, it certainly fits my needs. For that reason I'm keeping it, and in fact will likely purchase one or two more of these units. Possibly I will buy a larger unit for another location.
Great Milk Crates for the price! We actually own a dairy and needed a few extra crates for things around the farm and house! The bottoms seem a little less sturdy than we are used to, but not much.
I am using these as “frames” for my potato-bag planters, & they are perfectly sized for the job - Very sturdy & well-made, I only wish the upper corners had a few small holes for the cable ties [which support the bag corners & keep them upright, inside the crates. Not too heavy, but they stack well & are solidly made. Great crates!
These crates are perfect for the use needed. Are far more well made and heavy duty then the flimsy office crates from at Dept stores ( WalMart, Lowes). Thank you to the supplier!
I'm trying to gain a better understanding of my home so I can attempt to fix things when my husband isn't around and while this isn't so much a fix-it book, it really helps the reader gain a proper perspective on just how the home works--which, in its way, is even more helpful. The illustrations are fantastic, simple, and broad with general descriptions. It's informative, useful, and makes for itself a proper place in the household.
Love this water filter. Had no problem hooking it up to kitchen sink faucet. Water no longer loudly stinks of chlorine and other chemicals. The taste of the water is pure. The filter takes minimal space.
Fits as expected. Works well.
Updated; I live in Washington state were we have excellent tap water anyways, so hard to tell the difference. I know this filter isn't meant to filter out particles like dissolved solids and heavy metals, but I am a little dumbfounded why my tap water has 26 TDS, and the water that comes out of the filter has 38 TDS. I have checked it over many different days, hot and cold. Maybe it adds minerals for flavor or something. But easy installation, doesn't leak, water tastes clean. Then again, so does my tap water. It seems okay, although I am skeptical that all three filters are identical inside because of the price. I will always wonder what these filters are putting in to my water that isn't already there.
I didn't get a chance to attach it to my faucet, which is my fault. I got a fully refund without having to return it because their support is great. I wish I could use it but unfortunately I can't. It's not going to be completely easy to install or assemble because of all the parts, but it's worth it for clean water.
The first photo is of the product box, inside the Amazon box, containing no cushioning packaging. Next photo shows the contents of the product box. First off, there are no “colored tubes” and no “bracket for mounting on the wall. The front cover of the instruction book appears to go with this unit, but once inside, the similarities stop. I am now calling the number provided (see photo) to verify that I should connect the unit to my kitchen cold faucet according to the parts furnished rather than by using the direction booklet. Young man at customer service was very helpful and is sending me an installation video to be sure I’m not not going to mess a refund up by installing it wrong! More as this progresses! Okay, using the video that I received, the installation went easily. After letting the filter go through it’s cleansing cycle, I have great-tasting drinking water, with an unexpected free filter when I need one. The test of time will tell how long the water stays good. I’m giving this a four-star rating, based on the work of the customer service rep, the ease of installation, and the flavor of the water coming out of the filter!
Well I really like this when I first got it but the filter on it is just awful I would never buy it again in fact I'm going to the store today to buy a completely new filter that will take out the chlorine Ecco soft says that it takes out chlorine well believe me it does not really upset by this I love this water filter so you see the put together, the fittings that came with it fit my faucet perfectly very proud to have bought this product. I must say something about filtered water when my wife was dying of cancer she said you know someday we're going to find out it's very simple and our bodies are not designed to drink bleach. So I don't drink any water that has chlorine in it
Easy to install and the water tastes better than our tap water. I'm really satisfied with the ecosoft purification system. It is important to run the water slowly through the filter to get the best quality of water. The booklet came with says the recommended water flow rate is 1 L/min or water purification efficiency might decrease. I've been using about 3 months for drinking and cooking. So I think it's about the time to replace a filter soon.
Just as described, quick delivery, well priced. I'm going to make this place my normal reorder site.
Arrived the day promise. Filters installed without a hitch.
Very small, very lightweight. My only struggle has to do with one design characteristic. You must fill the pouches with water. When filling from a limited water source (puddle, nearly dried stream, small pool of water in rocks) it is very hard to get much into the bag. So to fill a 1L bottle, I had to partially fill their bags four or five times. An option is to drink through the straw. But this doesn't provide a full water bottle to use between water sources, doesn't allow secondary treatment (pills/tablets), doesn't allow adding water to dehydrated food, etc. etc. So far - a great solution with just that one design characteristic that you must consider when using. If you are filling from flowing streams, waterfalls, lakes, etc. - should be no problem whatsoever.
Purchased as a gift for my son. We took it out today and tested it in one of the streams on our property. Positives: 1) Good instructions on use included. 2) Nice and lightweight. 3) Several ways to use it. Not 100%: 1) Bag for collecting water needs a larger / easier way to get water in it. 2) Flow was a somewhat weak. 3) Backflow cleaning syringe is large. When we went to collect water the stream has a decent flow to it and even then it took a while and some maneuvering to get a decent amount of water in the bag. A larger opening would help a lot. I can't imagine how you'd get enough water if you were gathering in a sluggish body of water. As for the output flow, I understand that this should improve after a few uses ...
I'm so glad I bought one of these to protect my Switch. The quality is great, with water-resistant canvas on the outside and soft, dust-wicking material on the inside. There's also a small notch for cords, so you don't need to unplug your dock to use it. I live in a pretty dusty part of the country, so dust potentially clogging the Switch's fans was a huge concern for me. I've had my Switch almost a year and it still looks like new thanks to this cover. Just make sure to take it off when you want to play—otherwise the Switch could overheat.
I over tightened one of the pressure relief caps and it snapped off at the base when I tried to loosen it. They are not very robust. I would recommend putting a pressure relief in the pvc piping to avoid this. I went with a shut off valve on each side of the system and a bypass so water remains on while changing the filters. A pressure relief in the 3/4 pvc will be much more durable. All in all this system can't be beat for the price (the filtration is all about the filters). I will be buying the exact same system to replace the one I broke.
Pretty easy to install though with swapping out one 30 amp breaker for 3 - 40 amp breakers, there is some flickering in my house lights. May need to have electrician come out and check my grounds and phase loads. We set the water temp to 105 and it is spot on. Wont be able to compare savings until next month when I can compare data (new home) with last year's numbers. Will continue to update at 6 months and a year. Be sure to get the scale inhibitor and bypass valves so you can flush it yearly (I plan on doing it twice a year since our water is really hard).
I originally purchased this unit on sale from Amazon for our planned new home. Shortly after purchase, the hot water heater in our current home began to leak and this seems like a good trial run for this heater. It has been fantastic. I installed it with the help of my father and father-in-law. We did not find the installation to be overly difficult but since this was going in the same area as the previous heater we did have to run the needed electrical supply, so it took a good portion of our day. If you are not relatively handy, I would recommend a professional installation. Once it was powered on we adjusted the temperature once to be just a little warmer, the current setting is 112F and I see no reason to ever change that again. This unit does exactly what it promises, supplies an unlimited amount of hot water (even during the winter when the incoming water temperature was low), so long as you have electricity to the unit, so if the power goes out, better shut off that water quick because it's going to get cold! We have used this unit for filling a bath tub with no issue. It also is able to run two showers simultaneously without any problems. We often shower with another appliance running (washer, dishwasher) and never notice any issues, occasionally there may be a minor variance in water temperature but never any wild swings in either direction. We will definitely be using this unit again for our new home and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an on-demand HWH. There are many other applications for this appliance beyond hot water for bathing but we have only used it for that and have been tremendously pleased. Taking a shower without having to worry about running out of hot water is wonderful!
I ordered these for our barn to keep things organized and they work perfectly. Very heavy duty and easy to stack.
Is fairly new and looks that is doing the job, i will need to che k for how long the filter last but the replacements are not that expensive anyways. Overall is a goo product
I already have one of these, but wanted to get a bigger one (this is now a 8 gallon tank). The water tastes great and now I have enough for myself, my dog, the bird bath and all my cooking needs. I used to have one of the electric water filters, but when I measured the EMF, it was so high and the freshly filtered water ran right through it. That can't be good for the energy of the water. I much prefer this gravity driven unit. Plus: the replacement filters are much more affordable :)
I have used water distillation systems since the 1980s. For many years Sears offered a water distiller that was very reliable, easy to use and lasted for many years with daily use. Unfortunately, many water distillers are now manufactured in China and do not offer the long lived, reliable use of the past. My last two distillers lasted less than two years each and left me searching for an alternative source to produce pure water. At this point I am not willing to spend the extra dollars to buy distillers manufactured in the US which one would assume are of excellent quality. I have been using the 4 gallon countertop water filter by Zen Water Online for a couple of months now. It was easy to put together following the instructions and very, very convenient to use. The micro-ceramic filter contains millions of 0.2 to 0.5 micron sized pores which remove 99% of the bacteria, harmful contaminants, and reduce man made chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and toxins. This sounds very important for safe drinking water. Unfortunately, my water source is well water with the typical salt based treatment prior to entering the home. The water does taste somewhat better after being filtered by the Zen Water filter but does not provide the pure tasting water for which I am searching. I can still taste the salt even in ice tea so the Zen filtered water will be used in cooking only. Perhaps if your water is provided by a city utility you will be happier with this product.
Our tap water is pretty high in chlorine so, we only use bottle water for drinking. The expense of water delivery and the annoyance of buying water from the store lead me to search for home filtration. The Brita pitcher removed the chlorine but, the water didn't taste very good. I also didn't like the sink attachment models. The Zen water filter is very nice. It takes a little time to flush out and set up at first. After that there is almost no maintenance. I love the taste of the water as well. The key is to stay ahead of it because the filtration is slow. Just fill the top chamber before you go to bed and when you wake up it is finished filtering. If there is a negative, it would be the unit is very tall so finding a permanent location is a challenge. All in all this is by far the best home water filtration I have used and would recommend to anyone that asks.
We live in PR and the water here sucks. We drink a ton of water and our new fridge doesn't have a filter. I got sick of buying water by the gallon. Setup is fairly easy. The unit with the stand is very tall and very nice looking. You can use it without the stand to fit under cupboards like me. Instructions say to throw out your first batch of water. Better make that the first 2 batches. The second batch was extremely mineraly if that makes sense. Top tank eventually filters overnight and makes the most amazingly tasty water. One of our best purchases of all time
I left a Nikken gravity countertop water filter behind when I moved temporarily to the west coast from the east. I bought this water filter to carry me through the 6 months I'll be living in my new location, and so far it's working great (it's been about a month). The water tastes clean, and the construction - while definitely cheaper - is doing the job. Customer service was great as well. The filter ring that came with the original package was a little defective, so the company expedited me a new one. Overall, I'm quite pleased.
As with the other POSITIVE post, I am very delighted with my purchase. Easy to assemble instructions. Took only 5 minutes to put together, after the recommended cleaning (soaking) of different water unit parts. (Filter, mineral filter, etc.) All together, roughly about 45 minutes. TASTE: I noticed an immediate difference in the water quality. I am currently using the leftover cases of bottled water previously bought to filter through the Zen Water system. I have not used a ph balance kit yet, just simply going on taste. It's up and running for two weeks now and the 4 gallon size is perfect for the two of us! Hope this helps.
Was hanging out at the lake doing a little bank fishing and remembered I had this in my backpack. It was really windy and the water had a lot of silt stirred up and looked a bit murky. I put the pre-filter in the water and began to pump. Shortly after, I had beautiful clear water in the included container. It tasted very clean with no odor or off taste. Very nice to have item in the backpack.
Product came as described. Was very easy to work. I got it more for a "just in case" situation where we lose power again and can't use our well pump and have to use water we're not sure about quality wise. Looks like it's well made and sturdy. I like the fact we can order new filters from Amazon.
Just tried it out on city tap water and it did a great job. Tastes just as good as the water I get from my Big Berkey purifier. Haven't tried it on river water or anything serious yet but my experience with it thus far is positive.
I liked the Survivor Filter PRO and enjoy using it eventhough it takes time to pump the water through once purified. I am glad to find a water purifier that you can take with you anywhere you desire clean and safe water to drink. For there have been many problems over the years with my city's water systems and especially the water pipes. Jackson, MS
Buy this filter! This thing filters crappy chlorine tap water that my refrigerator fails to filter, and it costs about as much as the filter itself. Bye bye tap water. I am making my own clean water from now on. My brother likes it so I ordered one for him as well.
very well built, very compact. Haven't used it yet but testing its functionality I feel comfortable with it.
Seemed to work great when i filtered some water through it. there was a plastic sent and taste at first so i filtered about a gallon of water thru it and then it mostly went away. very compact and easy to use cant wait to use it on the trail.
Worked good with garden hose hookup for RV...
Clean water, great taste. Expensive Filters, but they last a year!
Best water filter out there
These are solid high flow filter units. I've used them for years in both commercial and residential settings. I have two of them installed on the bathroom sinks of my house. They are not meant to create bottled water type results, but the filter out most of the stuff that makes your water taste funny
Good product easy to replace element filters out any taste that might affect water
Works very well it's good to see what should not be in your drinking water
before I ordered I asked the manufacturer if this would work on softened water, the answer was yes, however it does not work on mine, it taste salty and when I did trial ice cubes, they are cloudy, so I can't use this for drinking water, and my trail pot of coffee was awful , couldn't drink it. So disappointed .
The connector only fit for 1/2" hose, other than that , it is easy for setting up. Water taste is good, saved a lot of plastic bottle.
very good water filter for the motorhome
does the job
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