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Ocpuritech water filtration inquire now for medicine

Ocpuritech water filtration inquire now for medicine

Ocpuritech water filtration inquire now for medicine

Brand Name
Place of origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Precision filter
stainless steel water filter
SS304 SS316L
10bar (1.0Mpa)
water filter
Inlet and Outlet
40inch ,20inch, 30inch is also available
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Company Advantages
1. This kind of water filtration is characteristic of liquid filter . 500 kinds of machines can be applied for different industries
2. With its adaptability, the product eliminates dangerous jobs for humans because it is capable of working in hazardous environments. Ocpuritech device enjoy more favorable price and finest quality
3. The product is in accordance with the international quality standards, so it is durable. Water treatment system can be applied into a wide variety of places, like laboratory, hospital,etc

Basic Configuration

Product Name

stainless steel water filter


SUS304  SUS316L


water filter




(10bar) 1.0Mpa


20inch  30inch   40inch

product description

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Precision filters are also named as security filters. The shell is made of high-quality stainless steel. The filter element is made of molded filter material (polypropylene fiber melt-blown or wire-wound honeycomb). Under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter cartridge, the filter residue remains on the filter material, and the filtrate penetrates the filter cartridge. It can effectively remove impurities, sediments and suspended matter, bacteria in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. Precision filter install behind the pretreatment, in front of the reverse osmosis membrane, in order to block the material of filter cartridge from the pretreatment and protect the reverse osmosis membrane.


Product features:
High  precision for filtration
Good sealing performance
Easy assembling and disassembling
 Big capacity and durable use

product details

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CE certificate


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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. as a leading supplier of water filtration solutions is experiencing a great development in China. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has advanced water filter system production equipment.
2. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has set a production base and a marketing center.
3. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. has in-depth deployment of nation-wide specialized and large-scale water filtration production bases. We firmly believe in the basic tenet that liquid filter . Ask!
Like: feel confident I’m drinking clean water, great fit in the fridge, tastes AMAZING Dislike: I have to hold the cap secure when pouring water otherwise there’s a good chance it could spill out of the intended stream
Works as stated.. Water is noticeably better . taste and quality.. Like the fact that comes with water tester. simple design.
This is the second Zero Water pitcher I've purchased - one for the kitchen and one for the coffee bar. Love this product.
My neighbor up here on the 2nd floor [23 steps] subscribes to a water delivery service. I don't like paying the price for that & don't want to haul my own water up those stairs which is hard on my old back so this is the perfect solution.
I purchased this item to get rid of my filter pitcher in the fridge, and have more filtered water over all. Easy installation. I had some problems with the water taste and was unhappy. I wrote to Cu Zn about the problem and they quickly reached out to me. They asked where I lived, investigated the water source for the area, and explained a possible cause for my poor tasting water. They then provided me a new system filter to specifically address the problem. Now it is great tasting water. I am so impressed with the company and their service. I'm glad I reached out to them because they truly wanted a happy customer. I wish every business cared as much as CuZn. Happy to do business with them.
The UC-200 is a great idea. I didn't want to drill a hole in my granite counter top. This large under counter filter interrupts the cold line and filters just the cold. Perfect. Doesn't affect the water pressure at all and last for five years. I'll probably replace mine in four, just in case. :) I had to reach out to CuZn about a taste issue and they followed up quickly and professionally. I am very satisfied with the end results. Anyone can sell a water filter. But great customer service is hard to find these days. CuZn is a great company that sells an excellent product and has great customer service. I give them my highest recommendation. As Arnold says in the Terminator - "I'll be back..." Thanks CuZn.
This under the counter water filter is great. It was easy to install, stands upright in the corner nicely (no need to mess with hang brackets), and really filters the water. We have city water which is rather poor tasting. This filter made it taste like fresh spring water. Amazing. The filter is heavy so don't expect a light weight piece, but that helps it to stand up under the counter. This filters cold water only, but no need to add a dedicated cold water tap. Just move the water handle to cold for a glass of clean, clear, great tasting water. We replaced a tumor looking filter attached to the sink spout to clean up the look. Perfect. The folks at customer service were great answering my questions before the purchase. Would recommend this filter. If it lasts the predicted 5 years it will be a ten star rating. Highly recommend.
I’ve used Clearly Filtered for years and been happy. I like the new pitcher design better - the handle, the look, how easy it is to change the filter, etc.. No pitcher/filter does more!
Good purchase
This filter certainly does a good job. Very clean taste and zero smell. Flow rate seems fine to me. Slower than a PUR, but not by a lot. Just be sure to soak the filter overnight and flush it for about two minutes before installing it. My only complaint is the pitcher. It's just fine functionally, but the plastic it's made out of feels of low quality so I'm not sure how it will hold up. Beef up the pitcher and this is 5 stars.
Good products, I fitted a flip open lid on the primary drinking bottle for easier access. First container finally failed after many months of daily use. Bit of a shame but to be expected when everything is flexing so much, failed around the neck
Good Product. Fast Service
Much nicer to have the 1L pouches than the 1/2L pouches that came with my squeeze mini. Combined with my 1L smart water bottles and this makes water management while backpacking much easier to deal with.
Excellent product. Great tasting water and gives peace of mind to know fluoride and other contaminants are being filtered out.
Only filter brand I trust.
I love that this filter removes EVERYTHING! The pitcher puts your mind at ease if you start thinking too hard about 'What actually is in my tap water!?' The water tastes great and the water filters though quickly so your'e not waiting days for a drink.
Just as expected, and now I have some backups! Cheaper than I usually see in stores too!
I've been very happy with my Clearly Filtered Pitcher. It's durable and made well. It fits in my refrigerator great and the water tastes delicious (much better than the water out of the tap). The filter isn't ultra fast, but if it was it wouldn't be working. My family drinks and refills it daily and we always have fresh water available. I'm very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it.
Works great and fits well in the fridge. Water tastes great!
The Life Defender Water Filter is a small, pocket sized personal water filter that you can take with you on-the-go or slip it into your bag (any bag). The water filter is ultra light - 2.1 oz. I really like that the filter is compact and light weight. I can even through it in my diaper bag or stash it in the glove box of my car. The plastic material is what makes the filter so light weight, though I would worry about the plastic cracking or breaking if the filter fell on something hard. The water filter claims to filter to a market leading 0.1 microns with a 2.5 times higher flow rate (450 ml/min) than other leading brands. The filter removes 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria and removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoa through a chemical free hollow-fiber UF membrane with industry leading edge coconut shell activated carbon for superior filtration down to .01 microns. This means that you still get superior filtration with a higher flow rate in a pocket sized filter. Life Defender also claims to filter up to 1,500 liters of contaminated water without adding any taste enhancers or chemicals. This is very important to me. For a small investment, I can use the filter for quite a bit of time. USAGE: The filter is easy to use. You just need your mouth and some water. 1. Place the bottom end in water. 2. Suck through the mouth piece to begin the water flow out. 3. After drinking, blow out water to keep the filter clean and prevent from clogging. STORAGE: Throw out residual water and leave caps open to dry. Keep in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun. The filter has a shelf time of 5 years after production. RESULTS: The caps were easy to remove, though I could see the cap connection breaking after repeated use. The water filter itself worked as expected. It takes a few sucks to get the water flowing. Basically, you use the filter as a straw. The water flows through the filter and into your mouth. The unit is made from plastic, so it seems a bit flimsy, but I like the light weight aspect of it. OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT: The instructions need to be proofread for grammar mistakes and misspelling. Though I could tell the gist of the instructions, for a $25 product, I would hope that the instructions are crystal clear. I would also like to see the manufacture date so that I know when the 5 year shelf life is up. The compact size, ultra light weight and superior filtration abilities makes this pocket water filter a good investment for any prepper, hiker, camper or someone who just wants to be a little prepared for any emergency. I would like to see the instructions be more clear and the manufacture date be published. The filter itself works well. I feel that for the $25 cost, the filter should be made from sturdier plastic and the instructions be more clear. Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are honest.
Wow - very handy product and can be used for camping, if you are hiking, or even biking! There are two caps (one on the top and one on the bottom) which helps keep the top and bottom of this water filer clean. This is easy to clean, as well! This water filter will fit into a backpack or bag and is relatively lightweight. This water filer removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, which is a relief!! This is a product that most people wouldn't think to include when preparing for a camping or hiking trip, but it can definitely save you from being sick and give you peace of mind!! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest & unbiased opinion.
You just never know when you will need this simple yet life saving tool. Water is vital to survival and it's good to know that if something happened and water needed to be filtered in an emergency, you can do it easily
Use it in our camp trailer and like its size.
love zero water pitchers. they are the best for my family!
Got it as a replacement. Like it better because it works faster and is better fit in frig.
It really works!!! The ppm pen is cool and u find yourself check all the water in your house. It beat out all the filters in my house, my fridge filter, my Britta filter, everything. Anything better that this is a reverse osmosis machine, and that's huge bucks!!!!
Great item. I live in an area where the water is packed with unwanted minerals. The Zero removes far more than other pitcher I have had in the past.
I have order two products, One order I like it. But the other order of water filter did not fit in my system nor I used it. I applied online for return of the other part .But I never got a response. regarding the returns. Poor return policy. Fast shipping & good quality of products.
worked as usual
Shipped quickly and works perfectly
Worked fine
Super easy to install. Instructions are simple. Love it
Exactly what I wanted. Easy to install .
good wowo what a wounderful thing to have in your house to make the water clean and taste good i love my filter its the best
Works great. Way overpriced. Love the filtration, water tastes great..... but hate the cost.
Used it to test the water quality. Easy to use and consistent result. A must buy if you need to regularly check the water quality.
At first I was skeptical about the ppm meter since it was so cheap. Something told me you had to spend a lot for these type of meters, but nope. It works and if you need to find out ppms this should do just perfect
works great. tested in bottled watter and on a new RODI filtering unit and it read 0. This is just as good as the more expensive ones.
The clear plastic pitcher may hold 7 cups, but the red filter reservoir holds a scant 4 cups when filled to the very brim. So MAYBE you could filter 4 cups and then filter another 3 into the pitcher, but I haven't tried it because that would be insane. This is egregiously false advertising. Why would a widely trusted company do this? Also, the indicator lights that make this an "Ultimate" model worked only until my first filter change. I carefully followed the instructions to reset them many times, but no luck. Sheesh! Now for the positives. I've used Pūr filters for 3 decades because the water tastes great and the filters are certified for better contaminant removal than Brita. I won't use anything else. With my usage they last just about exactly 2 months, which is when the indicator lights called for filter replacement the one time they worked. That also corresponds to the time when I begin to notice a bit of metallic taste in the water. So I'm back to using the 2-month reminder stickers I've always used, along with my sense of taste, which works just fine. That comes to 5 stars for great filter performance, less 1 for the crappy indicator lights and 1 more for outrageous claims about the pitcher capacity. Why do they do this? It's idiotic. Why?
Great fit for fridge in my classroom.
After some research and reading reviews, this is the one to buy.
Simple, accurate - works great.
i like this filter, dont love it but satisfied enough to keep it; the water filters through relatively pretty quick but one full lid is only about 1/3 of the pitcher so it requires multiple fillings, the only real issue i have is the lid used to pour the water from the top, rather than the valve on the back (which i love), when pouring any water out while filtering new water in, it will pour out the filtered water along with the unfiltered, resulting in you getting not only unfiltered water into your cup but also into the bottom where the clean water is store as well, needless to say contimating the clean water that youve already filtered, overall its ok but i wanted the pitcher do i can pour from the top, if i wanted to exclusively use only the back valve i would have simply got the bigger boxed filter and used the one on the front of it, a little dissapointed honestly plus only 3 month warranty.
When I first used my new pitcher, I loved being able to see that there were zero particles in my water. The filtered water tasted very fresh and pure. The filter was easy to install. After about three weeks, I checked the water again, and it was still 000. And then about week later, I found this fishy smell in my glass. I searched out my ice cubes, thinking it was maybe coming from the freezer. Nope. I checked my faucet water, not there either. It was a mystery. So a day or so passes, and the stench of fish is overwhelming. I look online, and there were numerous posts about this filter smelling like fish as it ages. What an appalling odor! When I read it was because it was time to change filters, I immediately bought a new one and made the change. But first, I had to wash all parts of the pitcher, and use a sink of soapy bleach water to soak my tea kettle to get the stench out! Why the heck can't the manufacturer warn you about this?? My tap water tests at 257, which is high, so my filters will not last more than a month. You can bet I will be checking weekly. You want to avoid this odor at all costs. When I did install the new filter, I tested the water and it registered 17, not 000 as it should have been. I added more water to drain, and noticed there was a small leak around the seal. I had screwed the filter in a little too far and the seal was crushed in one tiny area. I loosened it a little, and now it is fine, and the water is testing at 000. I will keep the pitcher, now that I know what to expect. I was, however, about ready to toss the whole thing in the river, because that's where such a horrible smell belongs! So, warning....check your water often, and change filters before you get THE SMELL.
Zero makes it easy to get the lead out and have clean drinkable water. Lead, heavy metals and other pollutants can still be part of filtered municipally treated water supply that is graded safe for consumption. With this cool filter, take extra precaution and efforts to reduce those harmful particles, especially filtering out lead. One of the few filters available on the market that removes lead. The filter does take time to run through, so we are refilling the pitcher often for a larger person household. We love the taste of the Zero filtered water and would recommend this product.
as expected
Took this on a trip. Essential travel item.
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