Precautions and working principles in the operation of small industrial pure water treatment equipme

Precautions and working principles in the operation of small industrial pure water treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-15
Notes and principle author of the article run in small industrial water treatment equipment: present, my country's rapid economic development, the size of the industry are rising, expanding deepen relates to the field of industrial water with different standards and requirements, small-scale industrial water treatment equipment It has become an indispensable device for industrial enterprises. Small-scale industrial pure water treatment equipment can prepare purified water for the production of products in industries such as biology, pharmacy, and medical equipment cleaning to meet the demand for high-quality water in the production process. High efficiency has always been what people are pursuing when using equipment, so the following editor will teach you how to improve the working principle of purified water equipment. Industrial small pure water treatment equipment must be debugged before it is installed and put into operation. The first step is pretreatment debugging, and the second step is host debugging. The following specifically describes the device debugging steps. 1. Analyze and test whether the water inlet of the device meets the requirements, and the equipment can be debugged only if the test results are qualified. 2. Adjust the pressure control system of the high-pressure pump. 3. Check whether the pipeline connection of the device is perfect, whether the pressure gauge is complete, and whether the low-pressure pipeline connection is tight and lacking. 4. Turn on the switches of the pressure gauges, the main water inlet valve, the concentrated water discharge valve, and the product water discharge valve. 5. Start the pretreatment equipment and set the water supply volume greater than the total water intake of the device. 6. Backwash and forward wash the sand charcoal filter until the water is clear. 7. Start the high-pressure pump, slowly open the total water inlet valve of the device, the total water inlet pressure of the control device is less than 0.5Mpa, flush for 5 minutes, and check whether the high and low pressure pipelines and meters are normal. 8. Adjust the inlet valve and concentrated water discharge valve to make the inlet water pressure reach 1.0~1.4Mpa. 9. Detect the water conductivity of the product, open the product water outlet valve and close the product water discharge valve when it meets the requirements. 10. The debugging of the RO device is a manual single-step operation. After the operation is normal, it can be switched to the automatic state, and the operation is automatically controlled by the online instrument and PLC. 11. Start the regeneration system and see if the regeneration system is working normally. Working principle of industrial small pure water treatment equipment: 1. Water enters the purification system, the main part flows into the resin/membrane, and the other part flows along the outside of the template to wash away the ions that penetrate the membrane. 2. The resin intercepts the dissolved ions in the water. 3. Under the action of the electrode, the trapped ions move the anions toward the positive electrode, and the cations move toward the negative electrode. 4. Cations permeate through the cation membrane and drain out of the resin/membrane. 5. Anions permeate the anion membrane and drain out of the resin/membrane. 6. The concentrated ions are discharged from the waste water flow path. 7. Deionized water flows out of the resin/membrane.
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