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Principles and technology of small sewage treatment equipment in Guangdong hospitals

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-09
Guangdong Hospital of small sewage treatment equipment and technology in principle author of the article: We hear no stranger to hospitals, hospital stringent requirements for health and safety place for sewage discharge is very note by the general hospital sewage from inpatient, outpatient rooms, real ( Chemical) The composition of sewage discharged from laboratories, canteens, bathrooms, toilets, reagent rooms, laundry rooms and other places. Hospital sewage contains some special pollutants, such as drugs, disinfectants, diagnostic agents, detergents, as well as a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and various viruses, such as roundworm eggs, hepatitis virus, tuberculosis and dysentery, etc. . If hospital sewage is not treated in time, it will cause serious pollution. Today we will briefly introduce how sewage treatment equipment works in hospitals. The process used in hospital sewage treatment must ensure that the treated effluent meets the standard. The three main processes used are: primary treatment to enhance the treatment effect, secondary treatment and simple biochemical treatment. This kind of sewage contains a lot of organic matter and has good biodegradability. According to the characteristics of hospital sewage and the requirements of discharge water quality, after comprehensive analysis and combined with relevant hospital sewage treatment regulations, the actual experience of relevant enterprises in sewage treatment is absorbed, especially the design and operation experience in the same type of sewage treatment. This project adopts biochemical treatment and The chlorine dioxide disinfection process uses a combination of anoxic and aerobic methods to reduce the COD and BOD of the sewage, so that the sewage can be purified. Chlorine dioxide disinfection is a mature and effective disinfection measure, and it is more convenient to operate and maintain. The process selection principles for sewage treatment equipment in small hospitals are as follows: 1. Infectious disease hospitals must adopt secondary treatment and pre-disinfection treatment is required. 2. The county and above hospitals that treat the effluent discharged into natural water bodies must adopt secondary treatment. 3. General hospitals where the treated effluent is discharged into the urban sewer (with a secondary sewage treatment plant in the downstream) recommend the use of secondary treatment, and the treatment effect must be strengthened if the primary treatment process is adopted. 4. For small general hospitals in economically underdeveloped areas, simple biochemical treatment can be used as a transitional treatment measure when the conditions are not available, and then the secondary treatment or the primary treatment to strengthen the treatment effect can be gradually realized.
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