Process advantages and technical classification of urban fully automatic reclaimed water reuse equip

Process advantages and technical classification of urban fully automatic reclaimed water reuse equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-13
Automatic urban water reuse equipment and process advantages of technology Article Category: At present, the rapid development of my country's economy, people are not only the pursuit of high material standard of living, but also for environmental protection a higher standard, both water reuse It can effectively alleviate the contradiction of water shortage and is also in line with the goal of sustainable development. Therefore, it has been vigorously promoted in recent years. The current warming of the weather is caused by people's long-term neglect of environmental protection. Water, as the most indispensable component of production and life, especially cannot be wasted. The city's fully automatic reclaimed water reuse equipment is our company's response to the trend of environmental protection, using reverse osmosis technology to treat sewage to reach non-drinking water standards. That is, it can be used as domestic water and greening water, as well as fire-fighting water and urban landscape water. Reclaimed water reuse technology generally has the following four categories according to the scope and scale of its supply: 1. Complete drainage facilities The water source in the system is taken from the miscellaneous water and high-quality miscellaneous drainage in the system. The drained water is used for flushing toilets, cleaning vehicles, greening, etc. in the building after being treated by the flow collection. The treatment facilities can be located inside the building or near the outside according to the conditions. 2. Insufficient drainage facilities. In areas where the urban drainage system is incomplete, the water treatment facilities cannot meet the secondary treatment standards, and the reuse of reclaimed water can reduce the re-pollution of sewage to local rivers. The water source in the system is taken from the building's tough drainage purification tank (such as sedimentation tank, septic tank, degreasing tank, etc.), and the water in the tank is the total domestic sewage. The system processing facilities can be located indoors or outdoors according to conditions. 3. Small area building group The water source of the system is taken from the miscellaneous drainage produced by each building in the building district. This system can be used to build residential quarters, schools, and government agencies and organizations. Its treatment facilities are placed in the community. 4. Regional building complexes. The system is characterized by secondary sewage treatment facilities in small areas. The water source in the area can be treated by urban sewage treatment plants or industrial wastewater. These waters can be transported to regional reclaimed water treatment stations for further depth. After treatment, it can be used for toilet flushing and greening in the building. The technological advantages of the city's automatic reclaimed water reuse equipment: 1. The whole system has the characteristics of high efficiency, water saving, environmental protection and electricity saving. 2. Unique special membrane for reclaimed water reuse, suitable for various water quality, and the system is more stable. 3. The recovery rate is as high as 90%~95%, and the concentrated water discharge is small. 4. Superior performance. A comprehensive online and offline monitoring system is set up between each module of the system, and equipped with a multi-functional POD online detector, which can react to the operation of the system at any time and ensure the quality of the effluent. 5. Highly automated design, simple operation, lower labor costs. The system adopts fully automatic control, and can be switched between manual and automatic. Each module runs independently and is controlled by linkage. The entire system can realize fully automatic operation and is unattended.
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