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Process characteristics of zero-discharge wastewater treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-13
Process characteristics zero discharge of wastewater treatment equipment of the article: industrial waste water treatment technology is technology of biochemical and biotechnological combination of membrane technology, this technology is a combination of a conventional biofilm and efficient wastewater treatment sludge The technology realizes the complete separation of hydraulic retention time and sludge age, and the pollutant removal rate is high. Here is an introduction to the technological characteristics of zero-discharge wastewater treatment equipment. Process characteristics of zero-discharge wastewater treatment equipment: (1) Good effluent water quality: The advanced membrane bioreactor technology is adopted to make the system effluent water quality superior to traditional wastewater treatment equipment in all aspects, and the effluent water quality is close to sensory In the case of tap water, it can be reused as reclaimed water. (2) Small footprint: due to the efficient separation of membranes, there is no need to set up solid-liquid separation equipment such as precipitation and filtration, no backwashing is required, and the concentration of suspended solids in the effluent is much lower than that of traditional solid-liquid separation equipment, making the entire system process simple , Easy to integrate, and the system footprint is greatly reduced. (3) Saving operating costs: Membrane bioreactors can filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, etc., can reduce the amount of disinfection equipment and daily dosing, and make management and operation more convenient. (4) The system has strong impact resistance and a wide range of adaptability: it prevents the loss of various microbial flora, is conducive to the growth of bacteria (nitrifying bacteria, etc.) with slow production speed, and makes the residence time of some large molecules difficult to degrade organic matter longer. Facilitate their decomposition, so that various metabolic processes in the system proceed smoothly. (5) High degree of automation: Due to the use of membrane technology, the process flow is greatly shortened. Through advanced control technology, the equipment is highly integrated and intelligent. So far, it is one of the domestic water reuse equipment with a high degree of automation. Environmental protection company reminds you: the application of zero-discharge technology of wastewater is wide, domestic water, large factories, etc. To learn more about the technology of zero discharge of wastewater, you can pay attention to our environmental protection, and get in touch with us!
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