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Process principle and main characteristics of reverse osmosis desalination equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-21
Reverse osmosis desalination process principle processing equipment and its main features writer: reverse osmosis desalination equipment for people to be able to get fresh water resources that can be used to play a very important role in reverse osmosis desalination equipment reverse osmosis technology applications Desalination of sea water, desalination of sea water is also very important is not to pollute the sea water, then how does the reverse osmosis desalination treatment equipment do not pollute the sea water? Sea water enters the quartz sand (multimedia filter) by the water supply pump ) And activated carbon filtration system. The filtered water enters the precision and security filtration system after water quality reduction, PH adjustment and addition of scale inhibitors, and enters the NF processing system. The filtered low-pressure seawater enters the high-pressure pump for pressurization all the way, and the other enters the pressure-exchange energy recovery device. The boosted seawater is pressurized by the booster pump and mixed with the effluent of the high-pressure pump to enter the reverse osmosis membrane stack system. Part of the high-pressure seawater passes through the membrane to form fresh water under the treatment of the membrane stack, and enters the fresh water tank for storage after the water quality is adjusted. The remaining high-pressure concentrated water enters the pressure exchange energy recovery device to recover energy and is discharged. The main features of reverse osmosis desalination equipment: 1. It can be operated at room temperature, with low energy consumption, low cost and excellent water production. 2. It can be designed according to the particularity of the ship, occupies a small area, and realizes small size, light weight, strong adaptability, convenient installation, and can be installed in narrow spaces such as ship cabins, engine rooms, decks, and aisles. Frame pipe fittings and pipelines are made of 316 corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel. 3. The core components are matched with first-class foreign products, and the world's best-quality seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane from the Dow Chemical Company of the United States is adopted, which has high desalination rate, stable performance, safety and reliability. RO high-pressure pump adopts international brand special seawater desalination pump and high and low pressure protection device to ensure that the quality of fresh water produced meets national drinking water quality standards. 4. The pretreatment device adopts multi-way valve technology to avoid frequent cleaning and environmental pollution. 5. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, electricity and sea water, fresh water is produced immediately after startup. 6. Send professionals to guide equipment installation, commissioning and use. The most popular reverse osmosis seawater desalination treatment equipment currently uses reverse osmosis technology as the main treatment technology, because its engineering and operating costs are lower than traditional treatment processes, and the treatment effect is even higher than that of the traditional process, and it is highly efficient. Processing technology and anti-pollution ability, etc.
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