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quality deionizer inquire now for business

quality deionizer inquire now for business

Quality deionizer inquire now for business

OEM/ODM Availability
Delivery Time
Usually 2 weeks after confirming payment
Start Port
Guangzhou, China
Supply Ability
300 sets/Month
Lead time
14 days
Wooden package
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal.
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Product Details
Aomi's Ultrafiltration system is perfect in every detail.Aomi insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture Ultrafiltration system. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
Enterprise Strength
  • Aomi is committed to providing quality, efficient, and convenient services for customers.
Company Advantages
1. deionizer shows excellent properties owing to adopting the materials of deionized water filter .
2. Our strict quality management system ensures that our products are always in the best quality.
3. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. is responsible for final quality testing result.

    What is Mixed bed deionized water system?

Mixed bed System, the raw water passes through the cation bed with hydrogen type cation exchange resin and the anion bed with hydrogen oxygen type anion exchange resin in turn. Hydrogen type cation exchange bed remove the cations in the raw water. hydrogen oxygen type anion exchange bed remove the anions. So the he mineral salts in the water can be basically removed by double bed. In order to achieve better desalination effect, so the cation exchange resin with strong acid was put in the cation bed.

    It is mainly used in boilers, thermal power plants, chemical industry, light industry, textiles, medicine, biology, electronics, nuclear energy, and the pre-treatment for pure water treatment plant.

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1. Compact ,non-corrosive components

2. Save water, produce waste water less than RO   

3. Simple operation by manual

4. With high level / low level sensor, system shut down by automatic

5. Fiberglass tanks for corrosion resistance

6. Easy installation

7. Free selection for manual operation or Automation

8. Low power consumption

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Our Service

★We can provide the manual instruction of the machine and our engineer prepares to arrange the installation process in order to receive the products by the client. 

★This RO machine has passed CE certification to ensure the products is sold by healthy, safe and comply with environmental protection standards. 

★Each machine is protected by the film to avoid scratching. After then fitted with a solid wooden box, which can be suitable for long-term sea transportation. 

★The fast delivery date can be reached within 1-2 weeks.

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. now plays a leading role in the deionizer industry.
2. Our big and wide factory is well-organized inside in a thorough manner. It includes various kinds of advanced machines, which allows us to smoothly finish our production projects.
3. Ocpuritech determines to make accomplishments to keep improving in deionized water system filed. Check it! Ocpuritech aims to supply the excellent service for customers. Check it! The recognition of our customers needs the finest deionizer and considerate service provided by Ocpuritech. Check it!
While it definitely has the best pricing of pretty much any GPS-connected OBD tracking device, it failed to meet one critical need for me: providing speed information (real-time or after trip completion). Otherwise, it's a great device. It provides a real-time location and post-trip-completion basic statistics (distance, time, ability to tag trips as "business"). It also reads basic diagnostic codes and provides helpful additional information to let you interpret the diagnostic code, which is super useful. All it needs is that speed information!!! Instead, the web dashboard will show you which segments of the trip are > 70 mph, which just isn't enough detail to be useful. The iPhone app is super nice and easy to use & the web dashboard doesn't provide much more detail beyond what the iPhone app includes. All-in-all a very good device, unless you want to have any sort of useful speed information. I have returned this device after 2 weeks to use and will buy a Zubie next.
I purchased this after having the TMobile SyncUp for over a year. I thought I was getting an upgrade, but gave up features for increased reliability. Automatic makes a good product at a good price. Math wise, at $119 for 5 years of included service, this product costs you $2/month. TMobile SyncUp costs $4/month just for the line rental - plus the inital hardware cost. Neither met my needs or expectations, but they both perform their basic functions well. The Automatic uses Verizon, and is the more reliable of the two. Both will let you mark individual trips for "business", and both limit it to two categories (personal or business). They both let you set a radial "fence". Neither lets you setup multiple driver profiles. Automatic does allow you to track fill-ups, and does provide weekly and monthly driving stats/data; though the per trip stats are lacking compared to TMobile. Overall, this is a good product. Just don't get your hopes up.
I have had the Automatic Pro for over a year, just bought this for my 2nd car. I get push notifications every time my car is started or parked. It automatically tracks all the trips it takes without the need for it to be connected to a phone. The integrations with IFTTT and other apps makes this very versatile. No monthly fees is just crazy considering it has a 3G connection built in. This is seriously worth every penny and much more!
it worked
No disappointment here
I actually thought these were coated metal when bought and found them to be plastic. They to date seemed to be holding up well in sunny Florida around the boat and saltwater.
Perfect addition for any hose end regardless of what attachment follows. I use one with quick detach for various lawn watering attachments (nozzles, wand, soaker, or nothing for adding water to the pool), and the other on the hose for the pressure washer. Sure makes it easier to start with the water off and turning on right after rhe engine starts! Practically indestructible, will not pull apart like cheap plastic valves, or corrode like zinc (chromed valves). Weak point is the valve handle--it can break when run over by a car...
This ThermoPro is quite accurate and easy to read. It's also practical for a marriage. I need to buy a dozen more, now that I know these are accurate. I can put this in the window get a reading, move it to a table near a lamp and it changes within a minute. I've taken it to the main thermostat and got the same reading. It reads the same as my dad's very expensive thermostat but, keep it protected for sentimental reasons.. This portable thermostat is perfect to prove to my husband each room is a different temperature. When he's hot and I'm freezing, I just whip this out and it puts an end to even begin a conversation, lol. Plus, they make great gifts. Older people love talking about the weather and find thisThermoPro intriguing. I forgot to mention, this arrived quickly, well packaged and believe it even came with a battery.
The accuracy of the thermometer is "spot on" compared to a calibrated thermometer* both reading 20.9 degree C. However the humidity measurement was lower than measured with the calibrated thermometer* used to take wet bulb and dry bulb measurements. The ThermoPro was reading 31% whereas the ACTUAL humidity was 36.8% ...or 5.8% Relative Humidity INACCURACY which is a bit too much for my liking, However now that I know the offset I can deal with it. I would have expected 3% inaccuracy for an inexpensive hygrometer. * Thermoworks Superfast Digital Thermometer (calibrated before the test at zero and 100 deg C).
Our office HVAC system is not balanced; some areas are warm while others are cooler. We needed to balance the system which required accurate measuring of the temperature in each space over time. So I bought 8 of the devices for that purpose. Each was safely packaged with the battery included. It was important that each device registered a steady and the same temperature reading as all the others, so we set them all in one place for a while. Surprisingly, over an hour or two, they all settled down to read withing a few tenths of a degree from the highest reading device to the lowest. We are delighted with the ThermoPro TP50 and highly recommend them.
High quality product
Awesome! Put it in the room with my guinea pigs and you can't smell them at all anymore. I saw some reviews complaining about the noise, but it's honestly no louder than a normal fan.
A lot of air sanitizing for a small unit. Didn't find it noisey at all. Hung either way on wall outlet..great for the price.
Been using 2 of these items,for over a year with a cat in my apt., and does a great job. Noticed the light turned orange on one of the appliances, instead of it's blue color; so I believe its not effective anymore,with no way to find out?
seems to be working well. uses very little power.
Does everything it is supposed to do. I like it.
So far its great for the price, i love this thing
works perfectly. i bought 2 units and they have been in use for 3 weeks with zero problems
Very neat devise. Easy to set up, works as advertised.
Exactly as advertised!
I've had this unit for a year now and I think it deserves 3 stars because the humidity indicator is off. I like the magnetic on the back. It allows me to keep it on the refrigerator so I can monitor the temperature and humidity in the kitchen. It also has a kick stand so you can prop it up on a table. The humidity scale is way off. I have two other devices in the house, in agreement, yet this one is at least 15% off. The humidity reading stops at 10%, never goes lower, but when the others read into the low 30%, this one stays at 10%. In the summer, when it's in the 90s and the humidity is in the 70s, this reads in the 50s (inside or out). The 'lowest' and 'highest' readings are continuous. You have to remove the battery to reset them since there is no clock. (I have another unit that shows the low and high for each 24 hour period.) The temperature reading is fairly accurate, agreeing with the other 2 units in the house on different floors. Since temperature was my main reason for buying it, I'm happy, not thrilled, but happy.
This past September I bought the TP55 version and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is working very well and telling me the important information I need to know during this cold winter heating season. I recently bought this TP50 version as a gift for an elderly relative who had an antique piece of furniture ‘crack’ in the constant sub-zero weather New England was having this past December. The humidity level showed 10% in the apartment. A humidifier was the next purchase. It is so important to know what the humidity level is in an indoor environment – for health reasons and wood furniture alike. And whether or not a humidistat is off by one or two percent (depending on where you place it), the information is close enough to know what the indoor environment may need. Based on reviews, as well as my own personal experience with ThemoPro, this is a good investment.
I am very happy with this product. I purchased it to keep in my sitting room which is very large and mainly heated by a fire place, the other heating system just never seems to be accurately read the temperature. The heat feels very uneven so I wanted a thermometer for the side of the room farthest from the fire place to get a better idea of what the temperature difference is. It is magnetized which I didn't realize so I attach it to the metal tote I keep next to my chair which holds remotes and ink pens making it easy to see while I'm relaxing in my recliner. The added benefit of the humidity level is great for my plants helping me realize added humidity is needed in this room during the winter to keep them healthy. I would purchase this item again and again.
Very nicely designed and made, especially at this price. The product photo of several units in a climate test chamber is what convinced me to give it a try. In the photo all the units appear to be reading reasonably close to each other. Certainly fine for my need which is keeping track of temperature and humidity in a basement storage area, and checking on the performance of my HVAC thermostat. I move it around the house to different rooms because we have only thermostat centrally located in a large ranch house. I don't agree with the humidity icons but that really isn't an issue when you have the relative humidity displayed as a percent. It is very nicely built and packaged. The magnet mount is very convenient and I especially like that the stand mount is an integral part of the case that can be popped open or closed as needed. Similar products I've had used a wire stand that had to be clipped on, then removed and stored separately when not needed.
We live in N. Arizona and wind is a constant for us in the spring. I have always wanted to measure it and especially the gusts. This little device is perfect for that. I can't think of anything I would change. Really great product for a good price.
I put this over an 8" blower. Without moving it much, the display jumped too much. I thought it would settle down but it kept jumping around. I put it over another exhaust as that jumped considerably more. I cannot rely on this as the values are not stable enough for me. I don't need precision, I need consistency and decent accuracy. I did experiment with the "AVG" button and tried to find a useful reading but its not gonna happen. Back it goes.
Seems to work as advertised. As others have said instructions are terrible - get someone who knows english to write a good set. Temp sensor response is slow in light wind. Have to orient the two vent holes into the wind. Would be better with more vent holes. I might drill some and see if it helps. I like the relatively big size. Max hold is nice. Backlight is nice.
xa0With a low price and the essential features this meter is awesome. I am glad I bought it. Makes it easier to troubleshoot ventilation and vacuum systems. A good buy.
This stuff really works. I have two DriZair moisture containers in my Corvette to reduce the moisture in the interior compartment air during the wet Fall and Winter months. The car is covered and in our carport so it is exposed to the weather and has developed some slight mildew after sitting idle for sometime. This seems to have eliminated that problem. Every few weeks I go in and empty the water that accumulates in the collector containers and check for mildew and so far have experienced great results. This product is a good value based on cost and effectiveness.
Less germy in our house now.
Does exactly what it was advertised for.
Doesn’t fit my shark
I love it. my computer desktop has a way of becoming cluttered. This lets me clean my desk and keyboard easily.
This is a great little gadget to get into all sorts of little spaces without the use of a dust cloth. Try it you'll like it!!
Great quality.... Same as the Camco brand - I can not tell them apart..
They work great and don't leak. Do you ever purposely drop the nozzle to the ground and because the nozzle won't swivel, you get sprayed with water, well it won't happen with these quick connects. Get them, you won't be sorry.
everything works as expected. Tt accomplishes the basic goal of seeing where the car is, and general driving style. Given it includes unlimited 5 years airtime, the price can't be beat! 5 stars only because I wish it had more granular diagnostic info (i.e. see real time, max speed, etc.) which would be useful for monitoring certain other driver behaviors, but it doesn't have aggregate stats to see driving style, and fuel and error code monitoring. all advertised features work as expected...
But I wish it had more features. For example, if it's an EV - to be able to tell what's the charge %. Or connection to a home wifi, so it could know exactly when it leaves /comes home. Finally, better integration with a phone, so it would know when it's close to the owner and when it's not. Would be useful for more interesting IFTTT integrations
I read a review for a "Negative Ion Generator Home Plug Nano Air Cleaner" and saw that she said that she had to "Press" her nose against the product just so she could feel the effects off the Neg ion's. Of course i natural thought i don't want to be that close to the machine all the time, so i though i would upgrade and i DID maybe a but to much lol. I did't not buy this for the O3 part, just for of the ion generator, but i used the "Cleaner" aspect of it for 30min and it Made its way though the WHOLE house, My Grandma said that it smelled cleaned, I don't like the smell it makes. Now i have a small Apt 1200 sq feet this is far to little of an area for this beast, and it says it can do 3500 sq ft. This is UNDERRATED, however this can be a good thing....why you say cause there is an ON and OFF button! if you don't like O3 or its to strong turn it off and use it a stand alone NEG ION generator. All NEG ION Generators produce a small amount of O3, this one is more than enough without ever having to turn on the actual O3 side. I have my American Express card as a warranty for 1 year so i don't care that there is NONE. For those who have asthma the manufacture states the following on page 6 owners manual:" WARNING: Excessive O3 concentrations may cause mucous membrane or respiratory irritation and can be harmful. If you smell ozone when you enter a room, turn the O3 dial DOWN to a lower setting." So use your better judgement if your sensitive to O3 (I can always smell the O3 so I am sensitive) and not to "bash" a product for doing to good of a job.
Worked perfect and did just what I needed it to. Just a word of advice. Set it to send the temp to every 5 mins. that way if for what ever reason it doesn't pick up the signal it will the next time it sends it.
Took longer much longer than expected to set up otherwise it would be a 5 star
Worked like a charm. Setup was easy, just followed the instructions. I just need temp reading...don't care about alerts. The only con is that you need an app to view temp remotely. cant go to website from a computer to check temp. Also measures humidity which is a plus.
Placed it under a small server room with a lot of running equipment, works great and now I have a real idea of different temperature at different times. I am still getting alerts for free until we would need to purchase the "feature" for the alerts that I am not sure if it will be necessary. Very easy to setup, in less then 10 minutes.
Product works great, just as advertised. The device read (2) temperatures. The sensor reads one temp and the connected probe reads a second temp. (probe has a 6' cable) The device is fairly easy to set up and install. Just follow the set by set online instructions! Make sure you follow them closely. But I had no problems at all! This is a great device to monitor temp. through a wifi network. I have had no problems at all. The device will send you alerts when temps fall out of a range that you set up. I really am happy with the product. Yes, there are ones that do more for a lot more money. for $80 this is perfect.
First off, I paid full price for this product. Is this review reflects my thoughts about the value of the product relative to its $25 price tag. I own two of these. I bought the first one and liked it so much that I bought a second. They have been running in each of our bathrooms for over 6 months now. Great product! I hate odors. I also don't like the idea of breathing chemicals like those from a plug-in air freshener. I found these, and they appealed to me because 1) there are no chemicals involved and 2) the odor is destroyed rather than masked. These little air purifiers do a good job of keeping the air in our bathrooms fresh. No more Glade Plug-ins! To folks that say these plug-in units don't work - be aware that these are small units! They are designed for SMALL spaces, like a bathroom, or a closet. They are not designed to make a large room fresh. If you are looking to control cat box odors, or purify the air in a large space, you'll need a much larger unit (e.g., the GermGuardian 22" air purifier tower, which I also own and love). I don't have the counter or floor space in my bathrooms for a table top or tower air purifier. I love that these are small and plug into the wall. Yes, they are a little noisy. I do close the bathroom door at night to prevent the sound and light from bothering me. Great product for SMALL spaces - highly recommend!! If you are looking to freshen a bigger space, get a bigger unit.
We moved into a house and one of the closets smelled horrible. The floor was tile and I mopped many times trying to get the smell out, with no luck. I came across this on Amazon and I am glad that I did. After a couple of weeks the smell started to disappear. I would recommend this product.
great product!!
Within an hour my apartment had such a nice freshness. Great product!
These quick connectors are awesome. They make switching out nozzles very easy. I have converted all of our hoses and accessories to these connectors.
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