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Random talk about water treatment equipment theory of pure water treatment equipment (2)

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-31
Water treatment equipment theory part of the water treatment equipment Talk (b) Article author: activated carbon adsorption reverse osmosis water equipment water treatment principle in the previous article, we find out about, reverse osmosis water purification equipment water quality work done It is a stepped work flow. First, the large particles are processed and smaller particles are gradually removed. Then the step is to use activated carbon for adsorption treatment to effectively filter out visible impurities. We take advantage of the porous nature of activated carbon to adsorb a variety of useless or harmful substances on the surface of activated carbon. Facts have proved that common colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, residual chlorine and even odors in water can pass through the carbon filter. Physical methods effectively filter out. In view of the fact that activated carbon has a certain reduction effect, it also has a significant elimination effect on the oxidant in the tap water. Precautions for activated carbon adsorption components of reverse osmosis water purification equipment In purified water treatment equipment, activated carbon is a disposable consumable, and its adsorption is limited by the adsorption threshold. When the saturated capacity state is reached, the adsorption efficiency of activated carbon will be greatly reduced. As the treatment process of reverse osmosis ultrapure water equipment, the basic filtration of activated carbon is very important. We need to pay attention to the operating status of activated carbon components regularly and pay attention to whether the adsorption performance of activated carbon is in the normal range. The organic matter adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon may become a nourishment machine for microorganisms and flora. The multiplication of microorganisms and the breeding of harmful bacteria such as bacteria and fungi will cover the surface of activated carbon, reduce the effective adsorption area, and seriously interfere with the normal operation of purified water equipment, and it can be more direct Affect the quality of pure water produced. Perform high-pressure steam disinfection treatment on activated carbon regularly to inhibit the multiplication of microorganisms and flora, which can effectively ensure the adsorption performance of activated carbon. It should be noted that in the early stage of using activated carbon (or the new activated carbon was replaced in the early stage of operation), a small amount of extremely fine powdered activated carbon may enter the reverse osmosis system with the water flow, causing the fouling of the reverse osmosis membrane flow channel, resulting in operation The pressure increases, the water output decreases and the pressure drop of the system increases, and this damage effect is difficult to recover with conventional cleaning methods. Therefore, it is necessary to flush the activated carbon and remove the fine powder before sending the filtered water to the subsequent RO system. Activated carbon has a great effect, but it is necessary to pay attention to disinfection during use and new activated carbon must be washed clean. In addition to regular disinfection of the activated carbon of ultrapure water treatment equipment, it is also necessary to add and update activated carbon on time. Activated carbon particles vary in size, and a small amount of powdered activated carbon particles is also a category of impurities. Once the activated carbon powder enters the reverse osmosis module with the water flow, it will cause the pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane flow channel. This damage cannot be used by the usual The cleaning method is used for equipment rehabilitation, and the increase in operating pressure caused by the increase in the overall pressure drop of the system may damage the entire reverse osmosis pure water equipment. The filtration effect of activated carbon is very important. However, the system problems that activated carbon may cause cannot be ignored. New activated carbon needs to be washed and approached to remove the powder before it can be replaced reasonably.
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