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Random talk about water treatment equipment theory of pure water treatment equipment (6)

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-31
Water treatment equipment theory part of the water treatment equipment Talk (f) Article author: reverse osmosis water ultrapure water treatment equipment, ultraviolet principle of reverse osmosis treated water impurities, chemical compounds, ionic substances such as pure water equipment systems, water quality has basically It can meet the water requirements of most industries. Under the demand of higher quality water, industrial pure water equipment will still perform more thorough sterilization treatment on the remaining microorganisms. As a high-energy specific spectrum, ultraviolet light can effectively kill and sterilize species and inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms. The main process of cell proliferation is DNA replication. The long DNA chain is unfolded and separated, and then combined with the new unit according to the pairing principle to replicate a chain that is the same as the previously separated long chain, thus forming two identical DNAs. Ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength can destroy special proteins required for DNA replication, and it has a strong lethality against bacteria and viruses. DNA and RNA are damaged and the ability to replicate and reproduce is lost. The life cycle of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses is usually very short. Failure to reproduce means that the microorganisms in the pure water treated with ultraviolet rays have almost disappeared, so as to achieve the sterilization of industrial pure water equipment. The ideal effect of disinfection. Reverse osmosis pure water equipment Ultraviolet ultrapure water treatment technology Industrial pure water equipment uses artificial amalgam lamp light source. The lamp tube is made of quartz glass. The ultraviolet light source is integrated in the filter device. According to the different mercury vapor pressure in the lamp after lighting, The intensity of UV output is also different. The sterilization effect is affected by the irradiance measurement, and is also related to the UV output energy, light intensity and light duration. The greater the dose of UV irradiation, the higher the success rate of disinfection and sterilization in theory, usually the duration of light is only a few seconds, so the intensity of ultraviolet light becomes the main indicator to measure the energy efficiency of UV disinfection and sterilization equipment. In reverse osmosis pure water equipment, ultraviolet treatment is an economical and safe sterilization method, simple, efficient, and no residue. Reverse osmosis pure water equipment ultraviolet ultrapure water treatment problem The raw water quality of industrial pure water equipment is very different. The turbidity and chromaticity of the water have a greater impact on the transmission of ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the intensity of ultraviolet light and reducing the ultra-pure ultraviolet device. Sterilization effect in pure water equipment. Therefore, the ultraviolet device often involves the end industrial link of the entire reverse osmosis pure water system, first using other methods, such as activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis membrane deionization and other means to purify the water to meet the standard, and then through the ultraviolet water purifier for treatment.
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