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Reverse osmosis pure water equipment to extend the service life of the food industry?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-02
As the water pollution phenomenon is serious, food industry are using pure water equipment to improve water quality. Reverse osmosis membrane is the key to food industrial pure water equipment with water, if the life of reverse osmosis membrane, also directly affect the life directly affects the cost of the equipment. Then, in user for daily use, food industrial pure water equipment, reverse osmosis membrane method to extend the service life? Here we teach you some extend method equipment. 1, the rationality of the design rationality of the design is divided into the effect of pretreatment and reverse osmosis system design is reasonable or not! Pretreatment technology is reasonable or not, is directly related to the service life of RO membrane, the pretreatment of the unqualified water may crash make RO membrane for a week. The rationality of the pretreatment is the pointer on different kinds of water, pretreatment water production all should achieve the RO membrane water water quality standards. Reverse osmosis system design is reasonable or not, is closely related to the service life of RO membrane directly. From an economic point of view, low flux will make the membrane system of utilization rate of equipment is reduced, equipment size increases, the membrane system make the system of the increased cost of investment. From a technical point of view, high membrane flux will aggravate membrane fouling, accelerate the attenuation of membrane performance, increase the membrane cleaning and replacement, shorten the service life of RO membrane, which increases the operation cost. Ideal flux should make the investment and operation cost of synthetic system the lowest total cost, which suggested that the average flux of membrane system, the highest flux of the membrane element and the highest degree of concentration polarization in the system, and design parameters in the above advice is given under the condition of expected annual failure rate and through salt flux rate of growth. 2, prevent damage of membrane performance of the new reverse osmosis membrane element usually infiltrates 1% NaHSO3 and 18% glycerol solution after stored in sealed plastic bags. Stored in plastic bags without break, 1 year or so, also won't affect the life and performance. After the plastic bag opening, should use as soon as possible, lest because of NaHSO3 in air oxidation, adverse effects on components. So the film should be as far as possible in the kaifeng before use. Equipment after the commissioning, we used two methods of protective film. Equipment commissioning (two days 15~24h) , and then use 2% formaldehyde solution maintenance; Or run after 2 ~ 6 h, with a 1% NaHSO3 aqueous solution for maintenance ( Should be no equipment air pipeline, ensures that the device does not leak, close all import and export valve) 。 Two methods all can get satisfactory results. The first method cost is higher, in the use of idle time is long, the second method used in spare time is short.
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