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Semiconductor ultrapure water equipment high and low conductivity of solution?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-02
Semiconductor ultrapure water equipment high and low conductivity of solution? A, in general, water treatment system in line with the initial state, no change, higher conductivity. This time cause of high conductivity is the reverse osmosis membrane component aging led to the decrease of the desalination rate, correct treatment method is to change the reverse osmosis host of reverse osmosis membrane, usually change frequency ( Cycle) Is 2 - 3 years. Other conditions: 1, the semiconductor ultrapure water conductivity sudden increase equipment normal operation, the displacement increases. This kind of situation is due to the reverse osmosis membrane module connection seal leak caused a dramatic increase in conductivity, recommend replacing seal ring. Water quality of the concrete method is to test each film components, find out the leak part replacement. 2, semiconductor ultrapure water equipment in a second conductivity increases boot when it is difficult to come down or fall time is too long. This kind of situation general common in two-stage reverse osmosis, in the middle of the primary and secondary general by sodium hydroxide to adjust the amount of carbon dioxide removal from water, and the quantity of sodium hydroxide adding conductivity, suggest adding quantity adjustment. 3, semiconductor ultrapure water equipment in the running for a period of time after water rate did not change, the conductivity increases, displacement increases. That film by oxidizing dielectric degradation, the conductivity increases, the membrane module needs to be replaced. 4, semiconductor ultrapure water equipment pretreatment of sand carbon purification filtering effect to reduce or failure without regular, timely backwash ( Water conductivity will be relatively higher) 。 5, RO water security filter cartridge is dirty, no change in time, the pressure difference is big. 6, raw water quality is not stable, raw water quality changed, the raw water conductivity high water production natural affected. 7, when the water temperature on the high side, such as water PH value data is not within the scope of reasonable control. 8, the higher the purity of water, of course, its ability to dissolve substances is relatively stronger, is exposed to air, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, ammonia is easy to dissolve its fast, and electrical conductivity increases quickly. Three, in addition, the semiconductor ultrapure water equipment is a big system and other factors, and suggested that there is a problem, through the daily operation records and analyze problems, find out the problem as soon as possible, and solve problems.
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