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Several methods of industrial waste water nanofiltration membrane fouling

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-14
Several methods of industrial waste water nanofiltration membrane fouling of industrial wastewater of nanofiltration membrane is widely applied in various fields of water treatment process, in order to make the industrial waste water of nanofiltration membrane performance is more stable, prevent the scaling is one of the more effective method, the prevention of industrial wastewater nanofiltration membrane fouling have what kind of method? 1, do a good job of raw water pretreatment, special attention should be paid to pollution index of qualified, but also should undertake sterilization, prevent microbes breeding in the device. 2, in the reverse osmosis equipment operation, to maintain the appropriate operating pressure, in general, increased pressure will make water rate increases, but too much will make the membrane compaction. 3, in reverse osmosis equipment operation, should maintain a turbulent state of the brine side, reduce the concentration polarization of membrane surface solution, avoid some undissolved salt precipitation on the membrane surface. 4, in the reverse osmosis device is offline, short-term should undertake dosing wash, should add formaldehyde protection for a long time. 5, when the reverse osmosis equipment water rate decreased significantly, showed that membrane fouling or pollution, should carry on the chemical cleaning. 6, design enough lateral velocity and strong water flow velocity. 7, the operation data standardization. Prevention of membrane fouling, completes the membrane maintenance work is the most reliable protection, the performance of the membrane during the users in the use of industrial waste water nanofiltration membrane must thoroughly understand the operation method, to ensure that the industrial waste water nanofiltration membrane remain the state of work, and prolong its service life.
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