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So what are the precautions for industrial circulating water treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-15
Note that industrial circulating water treatment equipment What are the author of the article:? If you will use as a renewable industrial sewage water, then after the sewage water reuse in the city as stable after the 'second waterThe sustainable development of industry is of great significance. To truly develop and promote the reclaimed water recovery system, it is necessary to start with infrastructure and policy support to create better conditions for industrial circulating water treatment equipment. What are the precautions for industrial circulating water treatment equipment: 1. The installation of pipelines should be considered. To use miscellaneous drainage as the source of reclaimed water, two sets of water supply system and sewer system must be set up, namely, the tap water system and the reclaimed water system, the miscellaneous drainage system and other drainage collection systems, which belong to a complete diversion system. The pipeline is more complicated, the design and construction are more difficult, and the investment is also increased. 2. It is a question of construction cost. If you want to effectively promote the reuse of water, you still need the recognition and support of the residents. How to reduce the economic burden on residents from the construction and operation of the reclaimed water system, especially lower than the price of tap water and the additional taxes and fees, to increase residents’ enthusiasm for using reclaimed water, is the key to promoting urban reclaimed water reuse. In policy formulation, it is necessary to consider the promotion and establishment of the reclaimed water system before formulating a specific pricing mechanism to form a reasonable water price. 3. Safety and health issues. It is necessary to minimize the entry of toxic or harmful non-domestic sewage into the urban domestic miscellaneous drainage treatment station to prevent damage to the normal operation of the treatment station or affect the quality of the effluent water, and strict disinfection of the reused water shall be carried out. When used as landscape water, it should not be used as landscape water that is prone to mist formation, such as waterfalls and fountains. In addition, the design of the reclaimed water reuse system also considers adapting to the surrounding human settlements. Studies have shown that after the industrial production adopts the reclaimed water treatment system, the realization of urban reclaimed water reuse is of great significance for many cities with water shortages. In order to further promote the smooth implementation of reclaimed water reuse and speed up the process of entering reclaimed water into households, it is necessary to create more convenient conditions for reclaimed water use and promote the construction and development of reclaimed water reuse projects.
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