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Solve the portable desalination device bacterium commonly used method is what?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-06
Portable desalination equipment systems use after a period of time, the inevitable happens bacterial growth, bacterial growth not only affects the production of equipment for water quality, will also impact on equipment performance. So, portable desalination devices bacterium? With what method to deal with? How to prevent mobile desalination devices bacterium? 1, the amount of sodium hypochlorite add corresponding adjustment should be according to the number of bacteria in the water, in addition to the regularly to test the bacterial count, also deal with mixed entrance free chlorine ion exchange column for testing, in order to avoid excessive free chlorine, affect the normal operation of the resin. 2, pay attention to the pollution point water cock, use frequency is small cock easily become the object of microbial contamination, once the pollution, if not for a long time water flushing, unable to restore the original state. 3, easy oxidation decomposition of sodium hypochlorite solution, if use time is too long, or system on every holiday shut down for a long time, in addition to the water from the tank to reverse osmosis membrane operation hours in a while, to keep system activity, also to the timely replacement of sodium hypochlorite solution. 4, mixed ion exchange column is usually used with a case, the bacteria in a stationary portable desalination devices in the system can quickly reproduce, usually the standby before putting into operation of the mixed bed, to regenerate, to ensure the sterilization effect.
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