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Talking about the structural composition steps of fully automatic pure water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-30
Talking about the structure and composition of automatic step article pure water equipment: pure water equipment in recent years with the pollution of the environment and research and development equipment, automatic pure water equipment is mainly used in the reverse osmosis membrane permeate the concept, the use of the principle of penetration , The reverse osmosis membrane filters out impurities in the water, and the concentrated water flows out, leaving clean water that can be drinkable, which flows out with the pipeline for the next step. Structure composition of automatic pure water equipment: 1. The pretreatment system includes raw water pump, dosing device, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, etc. It can reduce the pollution index of raw water and other impurities such as residual chlorine to meet the water inlet requirements of reverse osmosis. 2. The fully automatic pure water device consists of multi-stage high-pressure pumps, reverse osmosis membrane elements, membrane shells, and brackets. Its main function is to remove impurities in the water and make the effluent meet the requirements of use. 3. The post-treatment system can be added when the reverse osmosis cannot meet the effluent requirements, and the post-treatment system can better improve the quality of the effluent from the reverse osmosis. 4. The cleaning system consists of a cleaning water tank, a cleaning water pump, and a precision filter. When the system is contaminated, it is necessary to clean the reverse osmosis to restore its effectiveness. 5. The electrical control system is used to control the normal operation of the entire reverse osmosis system. Including instrument panels, control panels, various electrical protections, electrical control cabinets, etc.
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