TCL participates in overseas investment funds, home appliance giants invest in the layout of intelli

TCL participates in overseas investment funds, home appliance giants invest in the layout of intelligent ecology

by:Ocpuritech     2019-04-24

TCL Group (000100.SZ) announced on the evening of March 24 that it intends to invest $25 million in its investment subsidiary, SierraVenturesXII, L.P, through its holding subsidiary LiRongDevelopmentLimited as a limited partner.

The main investment directions of Sierra Fund are SaaS, cloud services, Internet of Things, AI robots, VR, network security and other fields. The estimated fundraising size is no more than 250 million US dollars. TCL Group said that investing in Sierra Fund will help to better utilize the resources and advantages of overseas professional organizations, promote the global layout of the Group's core technology strategy, and accelerate the transformation of the company into high-tech industry groups.

The major asset restructuring plan of TCL Group was reviewed and approved by the EGM in January this year, and smart terminals such as home appliances and related supporting businesses will be sold. In the future, TCL Group will transform the financing platform of semiconductor display business such as Huaxing Optoelectronics. The investment is an auxiliary business. On the one hand, it will improve the strategic layout of core technologies such as artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, it will stabilize the cyclical fluctuations of the panel industry with stable income.

LiRongDevelopmentLimited is the Sun Company controlled by TCL Group. This investment behavior belongs to TCL Capital Management business and is not part of the restructuring target being promoted by TCL Group.

After the reorganization, TCL Capital's venture capital company currently holds shares in listed companies such as Jiejia Weichuang, Setters, JiChuang North, Bio Share, Zhongjia Bochuang, Ningde Times, and other holdings of Cambrian, Wuxi Dike and Equity in companies such as Xinghuan Technology.

TCL Group has identified three major technological strategic directions, one is new semiconductor display technology and materials, the second is artificial intelligence and big data, and the third is intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet. Enhance internal technological innovation capabilities through independent research and development, incubation, etc., and actively use strategic cooperation, investment, mergers and acquisitions, etc. to achieve opportunities in new technologies, new materials, and new applications.

Not only TCL Group, but also the home appliance giants such as Midea Group and Haier Group have actively developed investment business in recent years to improve the industrial ecological layout of emerging business areas such as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and smart home.

According to the announcement of Midea Group on January 31 this year, Midea Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Midea Innovation Investment Co., Ltd., as a limited partner, participated in the investment of an industrial investment fund initiated by Ningbo Meizhi Hechuang Investment Center. The fund was named “Guangdong Beauty”. Intelligent Technology Industry Investment Fund Management Center (Limited Partnership), the total amount of capital contributions was RMB 710 million, and Midea Ventures subscribed for RMB 300 million.

Haier has also had big moves recently. On March 12, CICC issued a notice of change in equity, saying that its largest shareholder, Central Huijin, will transfer 399 million domestic shares (about 9.5% of the company's total share capital) of CICC to the indirect holding of Haier Group. Subsidiary Haier Group (Qingdao) Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. has been approved by the CSRC. Haier Jinkong was promoted to the second shareholder of CICC with a total of 5.412 billion yuan.

Wen Weiping, chairman of Aowei Cloud Network (AVC), told the First Financial Reporter that this is an inevitable choice for industrial capital to develop to a certain stage and to lay down commercial capital and financial capital. Only in this way can the industrial fortress be built and integrated. Large resources, open up the entire industry chain and gain greater value.

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