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Ten advantages of ultra-pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry--Ultrapure water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2020-01-19
Ultra-pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry is mainly a pretreatment system composed of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, softener and precision filter. The main equipment includes reverse osmosis equipment and EDI module. The core technology used by traditional ultra-pure water equipment is yin-yang mixed bed. The emergence of EDI technology has replaced the application of mixed bed. The ultra-pure water treatment equipment used in photoelectric industry has high water quality and more stable operation. Ten advantages of ultra-pure water equipment for Photovoltaic Industry 1. No acid and alkali regeneration is required: the operation of electric desalting is safe and the treatment of wastewater becomes simple. 2. Continuous production: the production of electric desalting is continuous, eliminating the complicated regeneration operation in the mixed bed process and reducing many spare equipment. 3. No need to treat waste acid and alkali: Neutralization and discharge treatment system without waste acid and alkali. Concentrated water for electric demineralization can be directly discharged or returned to the RO inlet. 4. Simple installation conditions: during the installation of electric desalting, the occupied area is small and the factory buildings can meet the requirements. For lower factory buildings, it can be solved by horizontal configuration of electric desalting modules. 5. The system design is simple: The module design of electric desalting can easily achieve its flow rate of 100 tons/hour or even higher. 6. Low operation cost: compared with various mixed beds, the electric desalting system is competitive in price. 7. Practical design: for the electric desalting system, it is easy to maintain or increase or decrease the capacity of the equipment. When the membrane stack must be replaced, it can be completed at the scene with very little downtime. 8. Simple installation and maintenance: the electric desalting device allows the maintenance of a certain membrane stack to be met by redistributing the flow of other membrane stacks without changing the performance of the system. 9. Stable water quality: the effluent quality of electric desalting is stable and confident. There will be no water quality changes like ordinary mixed beds. 10. Standard design: ultra-pure water equipment for photovoltaic industry uses standard units, which can meet the needs of different water yields of users like building blocks. Which water treatment equipment is of good quality and which water treatment equipment is of good quality -? Water treatment equipment- The company mainly operates various water treatment equipment and undertakes various water purification treatment projects. It has many talents and engineers with rich water treatment experience, sufficient technical force, and has undertaken various water purification treatment projects with good reputation. Equipment features: 1. Effective, low consumption and labor saving. 2. High degree of automation and stable water supply conditions. 3, the tank pressure, anti-corrosion. 4. The equipment has compact structure and small floor area, saving infrastructure investment. 5. Installation, commissioning, simple and easy to use, and stable performance of operating components. The fully automatic water softener produced can be divided into various series of time control type, flow control type and continuous soft water supply system type, there are many combination forms such as single valve single tank, single valve double tank, double valve double tank parallel connection, large multi-valve multi-tank series connection, etc. to meet different water needs of users. The time type is based on the resin filling amount and water quality combined with the hourly specific demand conversion time, controlled by the set time automatic regeneration flow type is set by the flow control automatic regeneration, the flow rate can be set according to the resin filling amount and water quality. Ultrafiltration water treatment equipment is a pressure-driven membrane separation process. The diameter can be 0. 5% through microporous screening on the membrane surface. 002-0. The interception of particles and impurities between 1μm can effectively remove colloid, silicon, protein, microorganism and macromolecular organic matter in water. When the liquid mixture is pushed down through the membrane surface under a certain pressure, the solvent and small molecular substances penetrate the membrane, while the large molecular medium is intercepted, thus realizing the purpose of size, separation between molecules and purification. Can be widely applied to the separation, concentration and purification of substances. Ultrafiltration process has no phase conversion, does not need heating, operates at normal temperature, saves energy, and is especially suitable for separation of heat-sensitive substances. Ultrafiltration process is simple, with few supporting devices, simple operation and low maintenance cost. Ultrafiltration membrane is resistant to chemical erosion, with wide PH adaptation range, large membrane area per unit volume of ultrafiltration device, low investment cost and simple cleaning. There are three main methods for preparing desalted water: ① distillation method, which heats and evaporates the salty water and condenses the steam to obtain desalted water; (2) ion exchange method, salt-containing water passes through an exchange column filled with bubble zeolite or ion exchanger (See ion exchange) , Calcium and magnesium plasma remain on the exchange column, and the filtered water is desalted water; (3) electrodialysis method, by virtue of the selective permeability of ion exchange membrane to ions, under the action of external electric field, makes the positive and negative ions in water between the two ion exchange membranes, they are concentrated to the yin and yang poles through the exchange membrane respectively. Therefore, the intermembrane area becomes a fresh water area and the outside of the membrane is a concentrated water area. The water drawn from the freshwater area is desalted water. Distillation is mostly used in laboratories to wash containers or prepare solutions, and is suitable for places with small quantities and high purity requirements. Ion exchange method and electrodialysis method are mostly used in chemical industry such as boiler water to reduce scaling and corrosion, and are suitable for places with large quantity and low purity requirements. Aomi water purification equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and sales of supporting materials for water treatment equipment and industrial pure water equipment. The quality management system covers the whole process of research and development, design, production, sales, storage logistics and after-sales service of water treatment equipment from beginning to end.
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