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The basics of pure water treatment technology of water treatment equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-31
Water treatment technology Basics of water treatment equipment Talking about the article: Under real feel for the understanding of environmental protection, people have been living in polluted interference, threat to health becomes more and more deeply, environmentally friendly, as well as the deepening of government The efforts and achievements made in environmental protection are obvious to all. The environmental protection industry is roughly divided into the major directions of water, gas, solids, and sound. Among them, water environmental protection issues have attracted people’s attention and attention earlier, and water treatment technology research and pure The development of water treatment equipment is also an area where greater progress has been made. Environmental protection here briefly introduces the pure water treatment technology and ultra-pure water treatment equipment products in the sewage treatment industry. The water treatment industry and the design and manufacture of water treatment equipment have a common basic research object, that is water. The extensive application of purified water in various industries has led to the in-depth development of the development of purified water technology and pure water ultrapure water equipment. Water is an excellent dispersion, usually containing dissolved and insoluble organic and inorganic substances. The removal or separation of these pollutants is the process of purifying water. The idea of u200bu200bpure water treatment is a set of stepped technological processes. First of all, the visible impurities of larger size can be filtered, which can be removed by sand filter or carbon filter machinery. It is nothing more than choosing different technologies and products according to the different filtering accuracy. Then, the organic matter, compounds, ions and other smaller substances dissolved in the water are gradually removed. Generally speaking, insoluble pollutants are always better to remove than dissolved pollutants in water, so if you can economically convert the originally dissolved pollutants into insoluble substances, it is always acceptable. For example, most heavy metal ions will become insoluble under alkaline conditions, which is convenient for precipitation or removal by filtration. In the international and domestic markets, reverse osmosis pure water equipment is a pure water treatment system with relatively mature technology and convenient operation. It adopts the principle of combining physical and chemical reactions, that is, the more advanced reverse osmosis system in the world today, which gradually improves water quality. The principle of reverse osmosis is to apply greater pressure to the raw water to reverse osmosis water molecules from the higher concentration to the lower concentration. Because the pores of the reverse osmosis membrane are much smaller than hundreds or even thousands of times that of the virus and bacteria in the case, all kinds of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solid soluble matter, polluting organic matter, calcium and magnesium ions, etc. cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane at all, so To achieve the purpose of water softening and purification.
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