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The functional role of all levels of medical ultrapure water equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-26
Function pharmaceutical ultrapure water system at all levels of equipment author of the article: Pharmaceutical ultra-pure water equipment water purification water quality is in line with the state standards. The core technology adopted by the medical ultrapure water equipment is the combination of reverse osmosis technology and EDI technology to ensure the stable water quality of the medical ultrapure water equipment and the stable operation of the system, which is suitable for the actual needs of the development and production of the enterprise. Let me introduce to you the system description of the medical ultrapure water equipment below! Medical ultrapure water equipment system description 1. Automatic backwashing multi-media filter Multi-media filter tanks are mostly filled with filter materials such as quartz sand, anthracite and manganese sand . Its main function is to reduce water turbidity, and can remove a large number of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, etc. in the water. This creates favorable conditions for the subsequent disinfection process. The removal effect of manganese sand on iron and manganese is remarkable. 2. Automatic recoil activated carbon filter tank Coconut shell activated carbon has a large number of micropores and a huge specific surface area, and has a strong physical adsorption capacity. It can very effectively adsorb impurities in water, especially organic matter and microorganisms. 3. Automatic recoil and regeneration softening tank The softening tank is filled with sodium-type cation exchange resin. Through the ion exchange reaction of the resin, the hardness of the water is reduced, and calcium and magnesium ions are prevented from combining with carbonate and sulfate ions and scaling in subsequent water treatment equipment or pipelines. 4. Precision filter Precision filter is also called security filter, and its filtration accuracy is generally 5μm. Its function is to intercept all materials with a particle size greater than 5μm to meet the water inlet requirements of reverse osmosis. 5. Reverse osmosis The key to the application of reverse osmosis technology is the performance of the reverse osmosis membrane that plays a role of salt removal. 6. Electrodeionization (EDI) The electrical ion exchange system (EDI) is also an ion exchange system. This ion exchange system uses a mixed resin bed, a selective permeable membrane and a charger to ensure water treatment The continuous process and continuous regeneration of resin. 7. Sterilization system A, oxygen and ultraviolet are combined in an orderly manner for disinfection/sterilization. B. Circulate backflow to prevent bacteria from breeding. After the introduction of the above seven points, you must have an understanding of the medical ultrapure water equipment system. Medical ultrapure water equipment is mainly used in industries such as chemistry, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, and laboratories. The quality of the effluent water must meet the water needs of these companies. In addition to this, we also introduced the operating conditions of the medical ultrapure water equipment, the operation management instructions of the medical ultrapure water equipment, etc. in another article, so stay tuned!
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