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The integration of desalination equipment installation after the operation?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-18
Because of serious shortage of water resources now, many enterprises have to choose integration to solve the water desalination equipment standards. Just installed in the integration of seawater desalination device users don't know how to operate, blind operation will bring some unnecessary trouble, here are all described in detail. 1, installation and debugging personnel must first open the inlet valve, discharge valve, the water in the boot device to improve the water pump, and the water of the sea from the tank to the beginning of the processing equipment adjustment. 2, for the initial application and debugging equipment, the integration of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) desalination equipment manufacturer, when the water reaches a 1/2 height stop pumping equipment, open the fan inlet valve and open the fan, slowly open the fan outlet valve ventilation after 48 hours in the contact oxidation tank, pumping in order to increase water pump in equipment 3/4, then put the water tank air 24 hours. 3, staff hand touch filler, to see if it has a sticky feeling. Should at the same time, the research of microbial growth, until the yellow yellow biofilm growth on the filler, the water continuous transmission to the equipment, and water will be gradually added to the design of the water. 4, the integration of desalination equipment according to the need for disinfection tank disinfectant ( Chlorine tablets, etc. ) 。 From the second settling tank of water with disinfectant metering tank, some dissolved drugs to achieve disinfection purposes. 5, the integration of desalination equipment debugging and running, system can enter the activated state. Due to the electrical control cabinet operation using active control PLC, the operation of the water pump and fan switch to the scene of the effective operation state, programming (already before they go out In general, per shift) switch) , do not need to separate operation Settings.
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