The integration of industrial softened water treatment equipment using the process right guidance-Oc

The integration of industrial softened water treatment equipment using the process right guidance?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-05
The integration of industrial softened water treatment equipment using the process right guidance? Now the people environmental protection consciousness is more and more intense, many companies are also in the pursuit of saving energy and reducing consumption, so more and more companies choose to use integrated industrial softened water treatment equipment, can help enterprises to save costs, also special environmental protection. But how do you normally use integrated industrial softened water treatment equipment, the looks be like simple, but some is the focal point that we can't ignore. Let to everyone about it. 1, design verification, respectively, for different USES for water quality, to determine the impedance value, the TOC value, and the necessary traffic, from the use of supply water to obtain the water quality to choose appropriate demineralized water manufacturing system. And based on the foregoing conditions, will meet the requirements of the user the function and performance of integrated industrial softened water system to be documented. 2, installation verification assembly shall record the system function and performance. At the same time, in order to system identification, including the system of the original model and used by the tube box class model should be a complete record. Finally, for the required system types, whether in the right environment for system operation, should be identified, and to set up the venue information to record them. 3, to verify the performance of the machine operation and the function is in line with the original DQ design for confirmation, and record. Specifically, including the normal function of electronic circuit, temperature and the ratio warning of impedance values beyond the range of start, purification at the end of the tube cartridge life start alarm, etc. In addition, in order to confirm the temperature and the impedance value is correct, should be calibrated to work and to record them. Perform a series of OQ regularly, to confirm the original DQ set by system performance and the use of the system performance is consistent. 4, the management of the system of the performance verification and performance of the system's daily test. For DQ set than the impedance value of the record, TOC value, flow, etc. In addition, the opposite number of bacteria, endotoxin and other necessary water quality management projects, should be in accordance with the provisions, and record test.
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