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The main method of landfill leachate treatment have?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-11
The main method of landfill leachate treatment have? As is known to all the garbage leachate is very difficult, to the human body have very big harm to the environment. Landfill leachate treatment can effectively solve this problem, let's look at the landfill leachate treatment methods: landfill leachate treatment method mainly has four kinds: 1, to the city sewage plant combined treatment, the advantage of this approach is no need to build another plant, two main disadvantages are: one is the network investment cost is large, landfill generally away from the downtown, so you need to lay a long transport pipeline. Another is to increase the urban sewage plant of instability, due to the leachate complex and unstable water quality, urban sewage plant long-term accept leachate can bring great hidden trouble to the stable operation, easy to cause a poisoning symptoms such as activated sludge. 2, to the landfill circulating spray processing, this method has the advantage of simple operation, low processing cost, the downside of this approach is not solve the pollution problem of the leachate, leachate production will be more and more big, will be more and more difficult. 3, into the city sewage treatment plant after pretreatment combined treatment. The advantage of this approach is process is relatively simple, and reduce the risk of municipal sewage plant, but the disadvantage is that the investment is bigger, and urban sewage plant safety hidden dangers remain. 4, separate sewage plant construction, leachate discharged after sewage station with, this method has the advantage of effluent water quality guaranteed, truly achieve the effective treatment for leachate, harm to the environment is small, defect is high to the requirement of process, operation and management cost is higher. Treatment of landfill leachate is very complex, in daily life, we should start from their own, protect the environment, the garbage classification, we work together, to reduce waste.
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