Three filtration processes for sewage treatment equipment in environmentally friendly beverage plant

Three filtration processes for sewage treatment equipment in environmentally friendly beverage plants

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-28
The authors of the three filtration process green beverage plant sewage treatment equipment: In recent years, our living environment pollution is very serious, and gradually also affected our living environment, which requires the use of sewage treatment equipment to resolve, especially in filtration processes It is an important part of it. The filtration efficiency and interception capacity of domestic sewage treatment equipment are better than traditional filter materials, and it is very suitable for the treatment of turbidity-based filtration and purification processes. Let’s learn about common filtration processes today. At present, filter materials can be divided into the following three main forms according to the nature of the filter materials: 1. Traditional natural materials: such as quartz sand, anthracite, nut shells, etc., quartz sand is a kind of professional filter that is widely used in sewage treatment equipment in beverage plants. material.  2. Artificial synthetic materials: At present, artificial synthetic filter materials are mainly used, such as polystyrene filter material beads, polyvinyl chloride beads, polypropylene beads and so on. 3. Fiber filtration: The fiber filtration in domestic sewage treatment equipment uses a new type of fiber bundle or fiber ball as the filter unit.  The removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen in the sewage treatment of beverage plants mainly relies on the AO biological treatment process in the sewage equipment. The working principle of the sewage treatment equipment in the beverage factory is Class A. Therefore, when the concentration of organic matter in the sewage is relatively high and the microorganisms are in anoxic state as a whole, the microorganisms are facultative microorganisms, so the Class A pool also has a certain organic matter removal function. The above is the introduction to the filtration process of the sewage treatment equipment in the beverage factory. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you do not know the knowledge of domestic sewage treatment equipment, you can follow the official website of environmental protection water treatment equipment or call the hotline to answer your questions in detail.
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