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To inspect and maintain the buried industrial wastewater treatment equipment before use?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-16
To inspect and maintain the buried industrial wastewater treatment equipment before use? Author of the article: Water is the source of human life, water is a prerequisite for economic growth, the environment is not water pollution, water resources are not inexhaustible use of the finish. Therefore, people now pay more and more attention to sewage treatment. The emergence of industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment provides convenience for sewage treatment. Industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment should not be used immediately after installation, and some inspections should be carried out. What should be checked before using the industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment? 1. Check whether the valves are in good condition, and the opening must be flexible. 2. Ensure that the water pump rotates flexibly without any hidden dangers that may affect normal operation. If found, remove it in time. 3. The aeration pipe must be at the same level. Check whether the packing has fallen off. If there is any fall off, it should be filled in time. 4. Check whether the electrical circuits are in a state of preparation and whether the wiring method is correct. If an abnormality is found, it should be corrected in time to ensure safety. 5. Check whether the oil level of the fan is normal, whether the rotation is flexible, whether the anchor bolts are loose or not, the lubricating oil must be added to the standard oil level before starting the machine, the anchor bolts must be tightened, and there should be no heavy feeling or abnormal noise when rotating the fan by hand , The direction of rotation of the fan must be consistent with the direction of operation. What are the maintenance of industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment for long-term use: 1. Make a record of the usual operation of industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment, including the amount of treated water, dosage, dissolved gas water, dissolved gas tank pressure, water temperature, and consumption Electricity, incoming and outgoing water quality, slag discharge cycle, sludge moisture content, etc. 2. Frequently observe the surface condition of the air flotation pool. If you find that the scum surface in the contact area is not flat, large bubbles appear locally or the water flow is unstable, remove the release device to remove the blockage; if the scum surface in the separation zone is uneven, there are often large If the bubble bursts, it indicates that the adhesion of bubbles and flocs is not good, and the coagulation system should be checked and adjusted or appropriate measures should be adopted; the unqualified effluent returns to the sump, and the qualified effluent enters the subsequent treatment system. 3. Regularly check the packing and lubrication system of the air compressor and water pump of the industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment, and often add oil. 4. During the winter when the water temperature is too low, due to poor flocculation, in addition to the general need to add dosing amount, sometimes it is necessary to add dissolved air water or dissolved air pressure accordingly to allow more microbubbles to adhere to the flocs to compensate for the viscosity of the water flow. Add to affect the floating function of the air-carrying flocs, and then ensure that the effluent water quality is normal. 5. Always check the water level indicator tube of the dissolved gas tank to control it to a certain scale to ensure the dissolved gas effect. Prevent the water level of the dissolved air tank from being empty, causing a lot of air to break into the air flotation pool and damage the clean water function and the scum layer. For those already equipped with automatic control equipment for the liquid level of the dissolved gas tank, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment. 6. According to the flocculation of the reverberation tank, the scum in the air flotation zone and the water quality of the effluent, pay attention to the parameters such as the dosage of the conditioning coagulant, and especially prevent the blockage of the dosing pipe. The above is the editor’s introduction to how to protect the industrial buried wastewater treatment equipment. Good protection of the equipment can make the equipment use longer. In order to better use the equipment, you can also learn more about the use of industrial buried waste water treatment equipment. What problems should be paid attention to in type wastewater treatment equipment.
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