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To ion pure water equipment failure?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-05-17
To ion pure water equipment of dc system grounding fault handling, dc circuit earthing occurs, which is the first thing to check grounding, and analyzes the nature of the ground, determine their causes, here we introduce a ion with pure water equipment of dc system grounding fault how to deal with. 1, the discovery of dc system grounding, it shall immediately report scheduling attendant, obtaining permission from the scheduling of the attendant, quickly look for grounding. 2, looking for dc system grounding method, usually all equipment is divided into several parts first, separate circuits and parallel circuit, and then one by one, to cut off the mains, banned the battery off ground an is located in the press to burning, for the pick up location. 3, regardless of the connection mode of dc system, emergency lighting can be the feeder or supply switch switch drive feeder cut 1 - 2 seconds, and at the same time pay attention to the insulation monitor voltmeter indicated value. 4, if the ground fault detected in the dc feeder line, it can be concluded that ground fault is on the power supply or on the dc bus, the bus should be connected to the standby power, and to cut off the battery, if earth fault is on the bus, you should take a closer look at bus or insulation monitoring device, cut off the device and the bus bar and the connection of the earth, and check the equipment insulation; If only a dc power supply in transformer substation, The battery) In all, the feeder after test, should be carefully check the bus bar and battery. That is we are going to ion for pure water equipment of dc system grounding fault how to deal with is introduced, when using pure water equipment to ion it is important to note that, to avoid danger.
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