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Troubleshooting of reverse osmosis equipment

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-19
Reverse osmosis equipment troubleshooting author of the article: Reverse osmosis equipment, mainly raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis purification system, which consists of three parts after ultra-purification treatment system.  The purpose of pretreatment is mainly to remove impurities in raw water, to meet the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane purification, and to protect the life cycle of reverse osmosis membranes.   reverse osmosis membrane system is an economical and effective purification method that removes more than 98% of ions, organic matter and 100% microorganisms (theoretically) in raw water at one time.  Ultra-purification post-treatment system further removes impurities such as trace ions and organic matter remaining in reverse osmosis pure water through a variety of integrated technologies to meet the final water quality index requirements for different purposes.   As long as it is a device, there will be some failures. Then, what failures will the reverse osmosis equipment have?  A. After the standardization of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, the desalination rate decreases, and the conductivity of the product water increases in the reverse osmosis equipment system.  B. The pressure drop increases, and the pressure difference between the inlet water and the concentrated water increases while maintaining the influent flow rate unchanged.  C. After the standardization of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, the water production rate decreases, and it is usually necessary to increase the operating pressure to maintain the rated water production rate.   However, after the permeation standardization, the water production rate decreases. We can find the reason according to the following three situations:    1. The first stage water production rate of the reverse osmosis system is reduced. It may be that there are too many impurities and blockages. The impurities need to be removed.  2. If the water production in the last stage of the reverse osmosis system is reduced, there must be dirt and need to be removed.  3. The water production of all sections of the reverse osmosis system is reduced, and there is pollution blockage.
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