Ultrapure water factory share equipment caused by improper operation of membrane element damage-Ocpu

Ultrapure water factory share equipment caused by improper operation of membrane element damage

by:Ocpuritech     2020-06-05
, there are residual gas in the reverse osmosis device running under high pressure, the formation of air hammer after emptying might damage the membrane 1, equipment, to run, gas out of everything and booster to run fast. Should be under the pressure of 2 ~ 4 bar will do the rest of the air, gradually step up running again. 2, the joint between pretreatment equipment with high pressure pump seal is bad or leaking, Especially after micro filter and its pipeline leaking) When pretreatment water supply is not very enough, such as micro filter clogging, in the place with bad sealing part due to the vacuum will be sucked into the air. Should be clean or replace the filter, ensure the line does not leak. In short: the absence of air bubbles in the flow meter should be gradually step up running, found in the operation of the air bubbles should be gradually step-down check reason. Second, reverse osmosis equipment shutdown when shutdown method is not correct, when rapid decompression without thoroughly rinse, due to the high salinity water side of the membrane of inorganic salt concentration higher than that of raw water, easy to scale and membrane pollution. 2, with adding the chemical pretreatment of water washing, because it contains chemical reagent water may cause membrane fouling during the equipment stoppage. Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment when preparing to turn it off, should stop adding the chemical reagent, gradual step-down to about 3 bar with pretreatment of good water rinse 10 min, until the condensed water TDS TDS with raw water is very close. Three, reverse osmosis equipment and poor maintenance result in microbiological pollution which is composite of polyamide membrane used in common problem, because of poor resistance of polyamide membrane residual chlorine, there is no correct dosing chlorine and other disinfectants in use, and the user of insufficient recognition of microbial prevention, easily lead to microbial pollution. Many manufacturers of pure water microbes to exceed bid, is disinfection, due to lack of maintenance. Main show is: when leaving the factory, RO device did not use disinfectant maintenance; After installation of equipment not for the whole line and the pretreatment equipment disinfection; Don't run around the clock disinfection and maintenance measures; There is no regular disinfection on pretreatment equipment and reverse osmosis equipment; Failure or maintenance liquid concentration was not enough. Four, reverse osmosis equipment residual chlorine poor surveillance. If adding the NaHSO3 pump failure or failure of liquids, or activated carbon saturated by residual chlorine damage membrane.
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