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Water treatment and water purifier accessories are a very important element in the water system. Good water treatment accessories can be extended to the water treatment system lifetime. Ocpuritech supply different water treatment accessories such as filter cartridges, precision filter, FRP tank, UV sterilizer, valve, ro filter parts and pump. The sand filter is especially utilized to eliminate the water suspended contaminants, organic matter, microorganisms, colloidal particles, and several heavy metallic beams. This will lessen the turbidity of raw drinking water. By way of instance, whilst the raw water is significantly greater than 20 degrees, the turbidity of water will probably reach 3 amounts. The triggered Carbon filter is largely utilized to consume odor, organic thing and colloid remaining contamination from water. Filter cartridge can effectively remove rust, sand and suspended particles such as sediment filter, rust, dust, organic solvents, could be used in a household water filter or industrial RO system. Find top brand ro filter parts water treatment accessories and water purifier accessories with factory price, pls contact Ocpuritech ro filter parts manufacturer & supplier now!

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