water treatment system manufacturer
water treatment system manufacturer

10 Year Water Treatment Manufacturer

Ocpuritech has been supplied different water treatment products such as reverse osmosis system, Ultrafiltration system, Seawater Desalination system, EDI water system, filter cartridge,sand filter, UV system, multiport valve and other water spare parts in China.


Equipped with a whole set water treatment system (sand filter, carbon filter, softener, RO membrane, dosing   system and CIP system)

Manual Valve ro machine is cheaper than automatic valve ro machine

* Rinsing and back washing at anytime

* Effectively removes a large amount of heavy metal and bacterial in water

* Different capacity of water treatment system variety, and it can meet the water

   comsumption of large industries, agriculture,pharmaceutical,Bottling plant,food &beverage     production,healthcare etc.

* RO plant produces as per CE standard and main parts accessories have obtained

   famous top brand 

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Good quality water treatment system can help you to save money and time. Water-treatment isn't any process that improves the quality of water to make it more acceptable for a particular end-use. 

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