What about the exports of What are the industrial filters? in recent years?
How many steps does a reasonable fish pond filtration system take? 1.Physical filtering system--Blocking fish excrement, let fish excrement organic matter naturally stay on the filter material.2.Biochemical filtration system--To cultivate rich biological communities,The survival of dozens of colony tens of billions of bacteria such as nitrobacteria, light bacteria and water purification bacteria has achieved a high water purification effect.3.Sterilization System--It's a fish umbrella,Can effectively prevent harmful bacteria in the water,Avoid cross-infection of fish bacteria and raise water first,When the water is ready, the fish will naturally not get sick,Remove the growth of algae in the water body,Solve the problem that the algae in the fish pond are green, brown and gray, and keep the water quality clear.4.Water circulation system--Daily circulation of water bodies 20-40 times,Compared with the situation that the general pumping station and the filtration method only circulate once in a few days,The

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The water vapor generated after the seawater is boiled turns into water when it is cold, can it be drunk The water vapor generated after the seawater is boiled turns into water when it is cold,This can be drunk,Not much is still not up to the standard of fresh water,
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