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What are DTRO garbage leachate treatment equipment application advantages?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-07-01
What are DTRO garbage leachate treatment equipment application advantages? Garbage leachate treatment equipment using two-stage DTRO processing craft, can guarantee the stability of leachate effluent, accord with national level, or secondary emission standards, let's come to know the DTRO two-stage process: DTRO two-stage process is based on the disc tube of reverse osmosis membrane technology is applied, the core technology is that dish tube unique structure form of reverse osmosis membrane, making it possible to reverse osmosis membrane directly with high concentration wastewater, is a kind of stable and reliable processing technology, saving investment, high degree of automatic operation, simple maintenance, low operating cost and satisfy the requirement of discharge and stable characteristics, specific as follows: 1, the process is concise and compact, equipment complete sets of equipment standardization DTRO two-stage process integration of complete sets of equipment used in the pretreatment of sand filter system, security filters, used for the separation of reverse osmosis membrane module, high-pressure pump, circulating pump, used for cleaning of the tank and used for equipment of power supply and control PLC MCC cabinet and cabinet, etc. In addition, used for raw water and acid adjustment, the thermonatrite callback is standardized, such as complete sets of equipment, etc. The original water tank, pump valve, are completed in the factory processing, installation and debugging. After delivery to site hoisting in place debugging, commissioning period is short. 2, process stability is strong, easy maintenance, low energy consumption DTRO membrane components and effective to avoid the fouling of membrane, membrane fouling, prolongs the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. DTRO and hydraulic design of special structure of the membrane group to cleaning, cleaning after the flux recovery is very good, so as to extend the working life of the diaphragm. Engineering practice indicates that in the drainage concentrate processing, primary DTRO diaphragm life up to 3 years, or longer, after other treatment facilities ( Such as the MBR) Life for more than 5 years, this is unable to achieve the general reverse osmosis treatment system. Due to the factors affecting the rate of membrane system intercept is less, so the system is stable discharging water, from the biological sex, carbon nitrogen ratio and other factors. Process USES the DTRO membrane component USES the standardized design, component is easy to remove the maintenance, open the DTRO components can easily check to maintain any filter diaphragm and other parts, simple maintenance, when enough number of component parts, component allows short-ship some diaphragm and diversion plate and doesn't affect the use of the DTRO membrane module. In the process does not need to ultimately achieve pollutants removal, only for separating effect, therefore, energy consumption is greatly reduced. DTRO components within any single parts are allowed to change. Filtering part by multiple filter diaphragm and diversion plate assembly and become, when filter diaphragm need to change to a single replacement, the diaphragm can still continue to use to filter good performance, the largest program to reduce the cost in the membrane.
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