What are main products to Industrial filter ?
With the water purifier, is it necessary to install the front filter again? The water purifier belongs to fine filtration, and the front filter belongs to the front-end filtration of tap water. it is precisely because of the first filtering procedure that the water purifier can purify the water source more finely, therefore, it is still necessary, like I have installed Annette's front filter myself, and now I have more peace of mind to drink water.

Guangzhou Aomi Water Purification System Manufacture Co., Ltd. takes the lead in the industry by utilizing opportunities. Get quote! The Domestic Quality Manufacturer of Industrial filter Supported by advanced technology, Aomi has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of water distributor, as shown in the following aspects. Aomi is committed to producing quality Industrial filter and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers.

Selection criteria for small vacuum pumps First of all to clear the use of micro pump. We discuss it one by one in three categories. First, if only compressed air is output with a micro-air pump. Simply put, it is only used to pump and inflate, and the pumping port of the pump is basically not used. This situation is relatively simple and can be selected from large to small according to the output pressure: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, fm2002. FM1001. Of course, it is necessary to refer to relevant technical parameters such as traffic indicators. Two, if it is the following situations, PHW600B or WAA series products should be selected. 1. Pump or vacuum with a micro-pump, but sometimes liquid water will enter the pump cavity. 2. the micro-pump is required to pump both gas and water. 3. mainly use a micro-pump to pump water, but I don't want to add 'water diversion' manually before pumping water '. (Some pumps need to manually add some 'water diversion' before work, so that the pump can pump the water
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