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What are the advanced treatment technologies for landfill leachate?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-14
What are the advanced treatment technologies for landfill leachate? Author: With the increasing garbage in, garbage leachate generated a great deal of harm to the environment, so the depth of leachate treatment is necessary, with a small series we look at the treatment of landfill seepage today What are the technologies for filtrate? 1. Photocatalytic technology The light in this technology refers to ultraviolet light. After electrons are irradiated by ultraviolet light, the activity of the reaction is enhanced, and holes are generated. When there is a reducing agent or an oxidant, the holes are on the surface of the semiconductor to the garbage. The leachate undergoes degradation. Studies have shown that the use of zinc oxide or titanium oxide composite agents can produce better results, and the pH has little effect on the degradation of landfill leachate. 2. Wet Oxidation Technology When using wet oxidation technology to treat landfill leachate, the environment is high in temperature and pressure, and there is a certain amount of air. If the temperature or pressure of the environment cannot meet the requirements, a certain catalyst can be added to the landfill leachate, and if the catalyst is added, less pollutants such as sulfur dioxide are produced. 3. Electrolytic treatment technology inserts anode into the landfill leachate, organic pollutants in it will adhere to its surface, water molecules separate hydroxide ions due to the existence of electric current, pollutants and hydroxide ions react to pollute物脱。 The thing is removed. The substances in the landfill leachate are electrolyzed to form oxidants such as chlorate, thereby oxidizing the pollutants. In order to reduce energy consumption during the electrolysis process, a certain amount of chloride ions can be added, or the pH can be reduced. 4. Membrane separation technology. Membrane separation technology has a relatively high investment cost, and it is generally not used alone in the treatment of landfill leachate, but combined with other methods. The principle used is the principle of filtration. After using this method, a very high concentration of contaminated liquid will be produced. How to deal with these liquids is a difficult point. If it is recharged, not only the conductivity will increase, but the service life of the membrane will also be reduced. However, this method can effectively remove COD and other substances in the landfill leachate. The technical content of the advanced treatment of landfill leachate has been introduced for you today, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Advanced treatment of leachate can effectively protect the environment and give people a better home.
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