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What are the advantages and maintenance methods of aquaculture wastewater system?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-02
What are the advantages and maintenance methods of aquaculture wastewater system? Author: With the development of rural areas, wastewater treatment in rural areas has become essential to life, the process of wastewater treatment there are many, aquaculture wastewater treatment process uses what is good to know that the economic development of rural areas big difference? The terrain varies greatly and the treatment of aquaculture wastewater is difficult. Therefore, the selection of wastewater treatment technology should be adapted to local conditions and combined with local economic capacity and topographic characteristics. The following is an introduction to the advantages of a more suitable aquaculture wastewater treatment system. The aquaculture wastewater treatment technology is advanced, the treatment effect is good, it can remove ammonia nitrogen and refractory organic matter, the remaining sludge output is small, the area is small, it is not restricted by the setting occasion, the operation and management are convenient, the automatic control is easy to realize, and it is easy to carry out from the traditional process. Transformation. The advantages of aquaculture wastewater system: 1. The effluent water is stable and meets the standard. The sewage treatment equipment application HRLE technology has a high pollution interception rate. The leachate in the early, middle and late stages can stably meet the discharge standards, especially for the middle and late aquaculture wastewater. Leachate has great advantages. 2. The membrane has a long service life and is easy to maintain. (1) The HRLE module has a 3mm open wide flow channel and a unique guide plate with bumps. The material and liquid form a turbulent state in the module, which minimizes the scale of the membrane surface. The occurrence of pollution and concentration polarization can reduce membrane pollution and extend the life of reverse osmosis membranes. In practical engineering, it is found that the life of the primary HRLE membrane package can be as long as 3 years, and the life of the secondary HRLE can be more than 5 years, which is unattainable for the general reverse osmosis treatment system. (2) Any single component inside the HRLE assembly is allowed to be replaced separately. 3. Low investment and operating costs. Wastewater treatment equipment HRLE technology has a short process flow, low energy consumption, and low investment and operating costs. 4. High degree of automation and easy operation. The single HRLE membrane system is fully automatic. The entire system is equipped with a complete monitoring and control system. The PLC can automatically adjust according to the sensor parameters and send out an alarm signal in time to protect the system and protect the operator. There is no high requirement for experience. 5. Sewage treatment equipment occupies a small area. The HRLE membrane system is an integrated installation, and the auxiliary structures and facilities are also small structures with a small floor area.
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