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What are the advantages of applying MBR bioreactor to chemical wastewater treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-29
What are the advantages of applying MBR bioreactor to chemical wastewater treatment equipment? Author: I believe we have some understanding of industrial waste water, and now many chemical production are inseparable from chemical sewage treatment equipment, chemical sewage lot of urban water pollution. Therefore, chemical wastewater treatment equipment is an indispensable equipment for urban chemical production plants. Many of the current chemical wastewater treatment equipment will use MBR bioreactors to achieve the purpose of reuse and save water resources. The MBR membrane bioreactor process is an efficient combination of membrane separation technology and biological treatment. The activated sludge and macromolecular organic substances in the reaction tank are intercepted, eliminating the need for a secondary settling tank. The following environmental protection editor will specifically introduce the advantages of using MBR bioreactors in chemical wastewater treatment equipment. 1. Efficient solid-liquid separation. The separation effect is much higher than that of traditional sedimentation tanks. The effluent quality is good, and the suspended solids and turbidity of the effluent are close to zero. It can be directly reused, realizing the recycling of sewage treatment resources. 2. The high-efficiency interception effect of the membrane enables the microorganisms to be completely trapped in the bioreactor, to realize the complete separation of the hydraulic residence time and the sludge age of the reactor, and the operation control is flexible and stable. 3. Because MBR combines the aeration tank and the secondary settling tank of the traditional sewage treatment into one, and replaces all the process facilities of the tertiary treatment, it can greatly reduce the floor space and save civil construction. 4. Using the interception and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, the system has high nitrification efficiency. The function of ammonia removal and phosphorus removal can also be achieved by changing the operation mode. 5. Since the sludge age can be very long, the degradation efficiency of refractory organic matter can be greatly improved. 6. The reactor runs under high volume load, low sludge load, and long sludge age. The remaining sludge output is extremely low. Since the sludge age can be infinitely long, theoretically zero sludge discharge can be achieved. 7. The system realizes PLC control, which is convenient for operation and management. The above is the introduction of the advantages of using MBR bioreactor in chemical sewage treatment equipment. The application of MBR membrane bioreactor in chemical sewage treatment equipment improves the water quality of the effluent and saves the area occupied by many chemical sewage treatment equipment. Manufacturers are welcome.
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