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What are the advantages of hemicellulose recycling?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-05-25
What are the advantages of hemicellulose recycling? Author of the article: In order to better treat wastewater, you must use the hemicellulose recovery. Compared with other wastewater treatment equipment, it has a 100% advantage. Where are the specific advantages of hemicellulose recycling? This article will give you a detailed introduction. 1. The present invention uses an underwater aerator to carry out blast kinetic energy aeration, so that the expanded filaments continuously float, the aeration is uniform, the microorganisms grow rapidly and well, and it has the characteristics of the activated sludge method. 2. Hemicellulose recycling can be placed on the ground or buried in the ground. When buried in the ground, various flowers and plants can be planted on the ground to beautify the senses. The area is small and there are few buildings on the ground. 3. Almost no sludge is produced, even if there is a small amount, the treatment is very convenient and the effluent quality is stable. 4. It has the function of removing nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater. By adjusting the structure of hemicellulose recovery. 5. Strong ability to resist pressure load. The average residence time of the new biochemical wastewater treatment method, which combines the characteristics of the biofilm method and the activated sludge method, exceeds 6 hours. 6. It can realize automatic control, operation and maintenance, and convenient operation.
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