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What are the advantages of the use of ultrapure water equipment for the power industry

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-19
The use of ultra-pure water equipment for the power industry What are the advantages author of the article: the power industry with ultra-pure water equipment with continuous water, without acid regeneration and unattended and other advantages, has been gradually replace the mixed bed in the preparation of pure water system Used as finishing equipment. The environmental protection function of ultrapure water equipment used in the power industry is exceptionally good, and it has been widely used in different industries. The process flow of ultra-pure water equipment commonly used in the power industry, reverse osmosis pure water equipment + EDI pure water equipment: raw water → raw water tank → raw water booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → softened water filter → scale inhibitor Dosing equipment → fine filter → high pressure pump → reverse osmosis host (single-stage or double-stage) → CQ2 degassing tower → central water tank → central water pump → edi equipment → fine mixed bed → ultrapure water. The advantages of using ultra-pure water equipment in the power industry: 1. No need for acid-base regeneration: the resin in the mixed bed needs to be regenerated with chemical acid-base, and a workshop for safe storage of acid-base is required. There are a lot of harmful wastewater and waste to be treated during regeneration , Increasing the difficulty of environmental protection and safety operations. And EDI eliminates the handling of these hazardous substances and heavy operations. Protect the environment. 2. Successive and simple operation: In the mixed bed, the operation process becomes messy due to each regeneration and water quality change, while the water production process of EDI is stable and continuous, and the water quality is stable and there is no mess. The operation procedure is greatly simplified. 3. Reduced installation requirements: Compared with a mixed bed with proper water treatment, the EDI system has a smaller volume. It uses a modular structure, which can be structured according to the height and sensitivity of the site. Modular planning allows EDI to be conveniently protected during production operations.
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