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What are the advantages of water reuse equipment in the food industry?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-10
What are the advantages of water reuse equipment in the food industry? Author: my country is now the living standards of residents have been greatly improved, which also led directly to the rapid and stable growth in the food industry. Water is the main raw material in food production, and as the demand increases, water consumption also increases. However, a large amount of wastewater will be discharged. If the water reuse equipment in the food industry can be used, it can save water resources and protect the environment. A large amount of sewage is produced in cities every day, and if these cannot be treated, they are discharged into sewers or rivers. This will cause a lot of pollution to the environment, and if advanced technology can be used to treat sewage, some of it can be reused. The reverse osmosis membrane separation technology can be used to separate the food fiber and grease in the sewage, and the treated reclaimed water can be used in daily life to relieve water pressure. If we can treat the sewage generated every day in our life and production efficiently and reasonably to reach the renewable utilization of resources, it will be a better result. The reverse osmosis membrane technology can separate the suspended solids, colloids, and microorganisms in the wastewater from the purified water, so that the purified water can reach the standard of domestic miscellaneous water. The hydraulic retention time of the high-efficiency unit of membrane separation is shortened, and the footprint of the bioreactor is correspondingly reduced. The characteristics of water reuse equipment in the food industry: 1. The installation of water reuse treatment equipment can simplify the sewage treatment process and achieve the advantages of integration with buildings. 2. The reclaimed water reuse device starts the system quickly, and the microorganisms grow fast, without the need to domesticate the sludge. 3. The equipment has high sewage purification efficiency, high sludge consumption rate, and small sludge production; the system runs stably, and there will be no peculiar smell during treatment. 4. The reclaimed water treatment equipment is small in size, which saves installation area and reduces operating costs. The environmental protection water treatment equipment company reminds you: It is a better choice to realize the recycling of urban living water resources with reclaimed water treatment equipment.
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