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What are the characteristics of the ultrapure water equipment system?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-19
What are the characteristics of the ultrapure water equipment system? Author: ultra-pure water equipment is used to extract ultra-pure water, is generally used as a high-tech experiments and research projects, a system of ultra-pure water equipment, pure water equipment, it is essential. So, what basic conditions should the system of ultrapure water equipment meet? The ultrapure water equipment control system has the following major features:   1. Process flow optimization: The professional design software of Dow Company, a professional water treatment organization, is selected from dozens of process modes according to the customer’s specific water quality indicators and water requirements. Appropriate technology, and simulation tests are performed on all operating parameters, and the process testing guarantees the operating conditions of the system after three years of operation.  2. Automation: The system adopts automatic control programming technology, extremely high reliability, extremely rich instruction set, easy to master, convenient operation, rich built-in integrated functions, real-time features, strong communication capabilities, and rich expansion modules.  3. Reliable equipment operation: Focus on the use of mature and practical technology, accumulate years of experience in the production and operation of pure water and ultrapure water equipment, and adopt mature and effective treatment methods for key nodes such as membrane forward water, concentrated water backflow, and low-pressure flushing. The electromechanical configuration is carried out in strict accordance with international standards, the quality of the pipeline interface is guaranteed, the support is set reasonably, the details are refined, and the reliability of the equipment is improved.   The above is a system introduction about ultra-pure water equipment. If you don’t understand, please consult environmental protection technology. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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