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What are the common methods to solve the failure of reverse osmosis RO membrane system?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-20
What are the common methods to solve the failure of reverse osmosis RO membrane system? Author: reverse osmosis membrane system is now widely used in the water treatment industry, RO reverse osmosis membrane system which is the core technology system. Some inevitably occur during the use of the system, which are basically classified into the following four points: 1. If the high-pressure pump does not start to encounter this problem, first check whether the relay connected to the high-pressure pump is pulled in, and whether the wire end of the wiring bolt is loose , Falling off or water shortage indicator lights up. If the water shortage indicator is on, it means that the raw water source is not enough for the booster pump. In order to prevent the high-pressure pump from idling and damage the high-pressure pump, the water cut-off protector is used to cut off the power supply of the high-pressure pump to protect the high-pressure pump. Therefore, when this situation occurs, we should immediately provide sufficient water source to make the pressure of the water cut-off protector reach the working pressure requirement of the high-pressure pump, and the indicator light of the water cut-off protector will go out and the high-pressure pump will start. 2. Abnormal noise from the high-pressure pump When the high-pressure pump has abnormal noise, we should immediately check whether the high-pressure pump is idling. Sometimes the high-pressure pump will make some abnormal noises when the water does not enter completely. This situation usually takes 1-5 minutes. If it does not disappear after 5 minutes, the exhaust valve of the high-pressure pump should be opened to deflate or inject water. 3. Black suspended particles appear in pure water. This is caused by the contamination of the pipeline, which leads to the growth of bacteria. In this case, dissolve the caustic soda and put it into the precision filter, operate the regulating valve to close the waste water, open the pure water to the highest point, start the high-pressure pump, and introduce the water from the pure water outlet into the precision filter to draw water for approximately 30 minutes. 4. The water output of the reverse osmosis RO membrane is getting smaller and smaller. After the system is used for a period of time, some users will find that the water output of the system is getting smaller and smaller. This is mainly because some groundwater has poor water quality and more impurities, which causes the RO membrane part Blockage, thereby reducing the water output of the system. At this time, we should add a scale inhibitor to the raw water to eliminate impurities in the water and improve the quality of the water. At the same time, we should regularly backflush the pretreatment, replace the fleece spray filter element, and clean the RO membrane to increase the reverse osmosis membrane. Service life. The above points must be paid attention to during routine maintenance of the reverse osmosis RO membrane system to avoid damage to the membrane system.
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