What are the common methods to solve the failure of small and medium-sized seawater desalination equ

What are the common methods to solve the failure of small and medium-sized seawater desalination equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-12
What are the common methods to solve the failure of small and medium-sized seawater desalination equipment? Author: For some small island away from the mainland, in the absence of water, but also a lack of conventional power resources, energy and power is important for small and medium desalination equipment. Therefore, researchers at home and abroad have made many attempts and experiments to combine wind, solar, wave energy and other renewable energy with desalination processes to solve the problem of water shortages in the islands. Statistics show that there are more than 10,000 islands in my country. Among them, there are nearly 500 islands with permanent residents. Except for 208 islands that rely on mainland pipelines for water diversion, ship drinking water and desalination, the remaining 270 islands with residents are generally short of water or severely short of water, and islands without residents are even more short. Water or anhydrous. What is gratifying is that in recent years, as the country's attention to marine undertakings continues to increase, the topic of seawater desalination and island water supply safety has gradually moved to a strategic level and has been widely included in various plans at all levels. Coagulation filtration Coagulation filtration aims to remove colloidal and suspended impurities in seawater and reduce turbidity. In the reverse osmosis membrane separation project, the pollution index (FI) is usually used to measure, and the FI value of the feed water entering the reverse osmosis equipment is required to be <4. Due to the large proportion of seawater, high pH value, and large seasonal changes in water temperature, the system uses FeCl3 as the coagulant, which has the advantages of being unaffected by temperature, large and firm alum blooms, and fast settling speed. Removal of organic matter and peculiar odors in seawater. The seawater around the island is greatly affected by the surrounding environment. The chemical oxygen consumption (COD) of the seawater is 1.7~2.5mg/L, especially in summer and autumn. Sometimes the seawater has a big peculiar smell. Peculiar smell. Therefore, in addition to adding NaClO for oxidation, an activated carbon filter is added, and the fruit-shaped granular activated carbon with higher mechanical strength can effectively adsorb organic matter and peculiar smell, improve the water quality of reverse osmosis water, and reduce the pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane. , Extend the service life of the membrane. Security filtration Security filtration adopts 316L filter and 5μm filter element to filter the seawater before the high-pressure pump, blocking particles larger than 5μm in diameter in the seawater, ensuring the safety of the high-pressure pump, energy recovery device and reverse osmosis membrane elements, and long-term operation.
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