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What are the commonly used treatment methods for acid-base wastewater reuse treatment equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-03-15
What are the commonly used treatment methods for acid-base wastewater reuse treatment equipment? Author: as we know it is an acid pH waste water concentration in the water is not a normal phenomenon. The pH value of natural water is generally 6.5-8.5. When the pH is less than 6.5 or greater than 8.5, the water will be contaminated by acid or alkali. Acid-base wastewater has a wide range of sources, often containing suspended solids, metal salts, organic matter and other impurities, but it must be recycled before being discharged into water bodies or other treatment facilities. So, what is the main method of recycling treatment equipment for acid-base wastewater? 1. Neutralization The equipment for recycling acid-base wastewater can adopt the neutralization method. Even if the wastewater is neutralized with acid and alkali, adjust the pH value of the wastewater to make it neutral or close to neutral, or suitable for the pH range of the next treatment. 1. Balance method In order to neutralize acidic wastewater and alkaline wastewater, the acidic and alkaline wastewater without suspended impurities is mixed into the balance tank. Because the amount and quality of industrial wastewater are generally unbalanced, they often change with changes in production. In order to adjust water volume, balance water quality, and reduce the impact of peak flow and high-concentration wastewater, it is necessary to set up a balance tank (acid-base wastewater storage tank) with sufficient volume as a pretreatment facility or a neutralization device. The volume of the acid-base wastewater storage tank should be considered according to the discharge volume of the acid-base wastewater cycle, and the inner wall should take measures such as anti-corrosion, gas mixing, and stirring. If the neutralized wastewater does not reach the specified pH value, it is necessary to adjust the wastewater with a small amount of waste acid or waste alkali. 2. Direct control of pH value. Wastewater treatment neutralizes acidic wastewater through commonly used drugs and filtration methods. 2. Drug neutralization The strong acid wastewater uses lime, waste alkali, limestone, calcium carbide slag, etc. However, lime is commonly used to wet the emulsion. The concentration of lime milk is generally 10%, which is 2 meters of Ca(OH). After the limestone is crushed into fine particles and dried, the treatment process includes a wastewater conditioning tank, a lime milk preparation tank or a limestone crusher, a dosing device, a mixing reaction tank, a sedimentation tank and a sludge drying bed. In the stirred reactor, necessary stirring should be carried out to prevent the precipitation of lime sludge. The above is the method of acid-base wastewater reuse treatment equipment, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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