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What are the considerations for food waste water recycling equipment installation?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-10
What are the considerations for food waste water recycling equipment installation? China's population is more, the food industry development is rapid, but also have a large number of production wastewater, everyone choose food wastewater reuse equipment. In order to ensure food wastewater reuse equipment long service life, and to ensure its function, regular maintenance system must be established. The main wearing parts are fan and water pump. The turning of the wind turbine is irreversible. If into the water, must be clean and replace. Before use, must be started in the fan open air brake. Fans must be conducted for every 10000 hours running maintenance, pump must be per 5000 - 8000 hours for a repair. To understand food wastewater reuse equipment installation, everyone should understand. Food wastewater reuse equipment installation: there are two kinds of the food wastewater reuse equipment installation form, an installation at the top floor and the second installation under the floor. According to the installation drawing and foundation drawing equipment, size of concrete floor and the floor installation drawing, Basis) The same. The basic pressure to more than 5 t/m2, must be level. If the device is installed on the floor below, the relative height of the floor and equipment of the same height. Peripheral broadband must be more than 500 mm from the baseline to install the pipe. According to the installation drawing, crane can be used for lifting equipment. The location of the cabinet and the direction can't dislocation. The distance between the racks must be accurate. Install equipment to connect the pipe. After the installation is complete, food waste water recycling equipment must be filled with water. Test water nozzle shall not leak, two secondary stilling basin should be adjusted to the same horizontal line. After further check and confirm, the soil can be filled into the space surrounding the equipment. And level off the ground. Connect the electric control cabinet control panel equipment, and electrical control cabinet is connected to the power supply. Please pay attention to the fan when wiring. The must be the same with the instructions in the direction of the motor. After install food wastewater reuse equipment, must ensure that there is no water in the rain, food waste water recycling equipment drain must be relative to the ground below 0. 6 meters, and may not be in the equipment above press the weight, also can not have large vehicles through, usually, should not be evacuated floating internal sewage in order to prevent the groundwater.
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