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What are the criteria for selecting laboratory purified water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-02
What are the criteria for selecting laboratory purified water equipment? Author: laboratory water requirements are relatively high, so the lab water purification equipment has been widely used, the type of laboratory water purification equipment manufacturers and equipment is also increasing. For users, how to choose suitable equipment from the various equipment products? What are the standards for laboratory purified water equipment? 1. What is the process required to use laboratory purified water equipment? Divided into six types of system requirements, namely pretreatment, reverse osmosis, water tank, positive bed, negative bed, mixed bed, purified water tank, pure water pump, ultraviolet sterilizer, refined mixed bed, precision filter, and water object. 2. What is the approximate time for the system to use water? To be more specific, it also includes four specific data: operating time, hourly water consumption, average value and peak value. These require historical data or empirical data. In addition, does the user need continuous water supply? If you need it, you can choose a single-valve, double-tank or double-control double-bed series, otherwise you can choose a single-valve, single-tank system. 3. Choose according to the source water, whether the water source is municipal tap water, groundwater or surface water, including the quality of the source water in the area where the equipment needs to be provided. For water treatment equipment, it is necessary to reduce the amount of water produced periodically. Otherwise, it will cause frequent regeneration, which will be detrimental to the service life of the resin. In order to avoid this situation, the resin volume should be increased, which means the size of the equipment used. 4. To analyze the required water unit flow rate. This is determined according to the nature and requirements of the user's equipment, so that the standard model of laboratory purified water equipment is selected. 5. Set the periodic water production volume according to the specific situation. After the laboratory purified water equipment model is set, the theoretical periodic water production volume can be determined according to the exchange capacity of the resin used in the equipment. With the increasing use of pure water, how to choose a more suitable laboratory purified water equipment has become the focus of more users. The above are the standards for laboratory purified water equipment. According to these standards, laboratory purified water equipment that meets the specific standards can be selected. Please refer to it.
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