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What are the daily maintenance measures for the integrated desalination unit?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-05
What are the daily maintenance measures for the integrated desalination unit? Author: lack of water now lives in the coastal areas of industrial production, will choose integrated desalination plant. In order to prolong the life of the integrated desalination unit, routine maintenance is required. How to maintain the integrated desalination unit? When starting the integrated desalination unit, first connect the water source and check the piping of the integrated desalination unit Check whether it is normal, and then turn on the power supply. When you stop using the integrated desalination device, turn off the power first, and then turn off the water source. First of all, check the components of the integrated desalination device every day to understand the control of each electrical appliance. Usually, check whether the fan screws are loose, whether the belts are worn and tight, and must be adjusted in time. Otherwise, it will easily affect the service life and work efficiency. It is not conducive to the handling of equipment. Secondly, check the lubrication of the fan, the normal lubrication of the fan can reduce friction. Power consumption can be reduced under normal operating conditions. If there is insufficient lubricating oil, it must be replenished in time, and lubricating oil cannot be mixed, and special lubricating oil must be selected, otherwise it will affect the integrated desalination device. Service life. Moreover, there will be obvious temperature changes when the seasons change, and the operation of the equipment is affected by the environment. To conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, the test must be carried out first to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and the equipment maintenance records should be made every day. Provide inspection and maintenance reports to the owners every month so that the owners can understand and master the maintenance status of the equipment in a timely manner. Problems should be discovered and resolved in a timely manner, and regular maintenance and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the relevant integrated seawater desalination device system. The integrated desalination device is equipped with instructions. According to different types and types, the instructions clearly point out the precautions and operation steps. The operator cannot rely solely on his own experience, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the machinery and fail to take advantage of the equipment. And longevity.
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