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What are the daily maintenance methods for zero discharge of petroleum coke wastewater?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-12
What are the daily maintenance methods for zero discharge of petroleum coke wastewater? Author: Maintenance and maintenance of late coke zero discharge of waste oil is important because it determines whether the normal wastewater treatment and to ensure safety in production. Therefore, the company analyzed in detail the importance of maintenance and maintenance of zero discharge of petroleum coke wastewater and some problems in the daily management and maintenance process, which also paved the way for equipment maintenance. 1. Maintenance personnel for zero discharge of petroleum coke wastewater must be familiar with the factory treatment process, the operating requirements and technical specifications of the facilities and equipment. 2. Maintenance personnel must undergo technical training and production practice, and pass examinations before they can be employed. 3. The maintenance personnel should be familiar with the maintenance regulations of electromechanical equipment. 4. The maintenance personnel should check and check the operation of the structure, equipment, electrical appliances and instruments as required. 5. Maintenance personnel should keep all mechanical equipment clean and free of water, oil and air leakage. 6. Maintenance personnel should regularly check according to different mechanical and electrical equipment requirements, and add or replace lubricating oil or grease. 7. The equipment should be started after preparation for starting. 8. When the power supply voltage is greater than or less than 5% of the rated voltage, it is recommended not to start the motor. 9. When the maintenance personnel are opening and closing the electrical switch, they should follow the electrician's operating procedures. 10. The zero discharge of various petroleum coke wastewater must be powered off during the maintenance process, and the operation should be carried out after the maintenance sign is hung. 11. In rainy weather or snow and fire, maintenance personnel should pay attention to non-slip when inspecting the structure or equipment maintenance. 12. The maintenance personnel should be equipped with a full range of labor protection supplies and do a good job of safety precautions. 13. Lifting equipment should be operated by special personnel. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the hanging objects. 14. Protective life-saving facilities and supplies should be provided in obvious locations of the structure. 15. It is strictly prohibited for non-employees to open and close. 16. For workshops with electrical equipment and flammable and explosive places, fire-fighting equipment shall be provided in accordance with the relevant regulations of the fire-fighting department. Wastewater Zero Discharge Company reminds you: The equipment is introduced here. Interested parties are welcome to pay attention to our website. The above will be updated at any time. If you need equipment, please contact us!
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