What are the daily management methods of small and medium-sized buried industrial sewage equipment-O

What are the daily management methods of small and medium-sized buried industrial sewage equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-06-22
Small and medium buried industrial waste management equipment daily What are author of the article:? With the development of science and technology, the industry in the production innovation but also for the community to increase the amount of sewage discharge. Improper sewage treatment damages the environment and causes water shortages. It is precisely because of this that the rapid development of the water treatment industry has been promoted. In fact, the characteristics of small and medium-sized buried industrial sewage equipment to remove harmful metal impurities in sewage and recycle sludge are favored by enterprises, so how should we manage it in daily use What? Let's take a look together. The daily management of small and medium-sized buried industrial sewage equipment should pay attention to the following points: 1. Establish an equipment management organization, formulate specific working standards, management standards, and safety production operating procedures for each post, and allocate a certain number of professional and technical personnel to implement positions Economic responsibility system. 2. The equipment management personnel must be familiar with the plant-wide treatment process, safety production regulations and the operation requirements and technical indicators of the facilities and equipment. 3. Each position has a process flow chart, position responsibility system, and safety operation procedures, etc., and they are marked in obvious places. 4. Equipment inspection personnel shall complete inspection records on time, complete and accurately, and report reports shall be tidy and clear. 5. When the equipment inspector finds that the operation is abnormal, they shall deal with it in a timely manner, and formulate a plan. If it cannot be processed, it shall be reported to the competent department of the sewage plant in time, and records shall be made. 6. According to different equipment requirements, check regularly, add or replace lubricating oil or grease, etc. 7. The electrical switches, instruments and measuring equipment of various equipment are regularly inspected and adjusted. Through the introduction of the above content, everyone can clearly know that the use effect of the equipment is inseparable from daily and careful maintenance. If you have other questions during the maintenance process, you can contact the environmental protection company and we have professionals to answer you in detail.
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