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What are the four major factors that affect the coagulation effect of wastewater?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-04-07
What are the four major factors that affect the coagulation effect of wastewater? Author: Today, water pollution is serious, many industrial waste water produced must be treated before discharge. When users treat wastewater, they will find that the wastewater has poor coagulation effect. So what causes this situation? Let us take a look at the factors that affect the coagulation effect of wastewater.   1. Too high or too low concentration of colloidal impurities is not conducive to coagulation. When inorganic metal salt is used as coagulant, the concentration of colloid is different, and the amount of Al3+ and Fe3+ required to be destabilized is also different.  2, pH value is also an important factor affecting coagulation. The coagulation of any wastewater with a certain coagulant has a relatively optimal pH value, which makes the coagulation reaction speed the fastest, the floc solubility is the smallest, and the coagulation effect is the largest. Generally, the best pH value is obtained through experiments, and it is often necessary to add acid or alkali to adjust, usually more alkali is added.  3. The water temperature also has a certain influence on coagulation. When the water temperature is high, the viscosity decreases, the Brownian motion speeds up, and the chance of collision increases, thereby improving the coagulation effect and shortening the coagulation sedimentation time. However, when the temperature exceeds 90°C, the polymer flocculant is likely to age and produce insoluble substances, which will reduce the flocculation effect.  4. Coexisting impurities are not conducive to coagulation. Phosphoric acid ions, sulfite ions, advanced organic acid ions, etc. can hinder polymer flocculation. In addition, chlorine, chelates, water-soluble polymer substances and surface active substances are not conducive to coagulation.   The above points are the factors that are not conducive to the coagulation of wastewater. If the coagulation effect of wastewater is not good, it will also affect the treatment effect of wastewater, so that the wastewater can not meet the discharge standard. Therefore, users must pay attention to the above issues when treating wastewater. For more information about sewage treatment, you can visit the Chengdu company website for inquiries.
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