What are the indispensable and common accessories for integrated reverse osmosis pure water equipmen

What are the indispensable and common accessories for integrated reverse osmosis pure water equipment?

by:Ocpuritech     2021-07-08
What are the indispensable and common accessories for integrated reverse osmosis pure water equipment? Author of the article: With the rapid economic development in recent years and the continuous improvement of people's living standards in recent years, people's health diet nutrition requirements are also getting higher and higher quality of life, because the water contains beneficial to human body There are many kinds of minerals and trace elements, so people's demand for pure water is increasing, so pure water has good development value. But some people want to start, but they don't know what equipment they need. Today, I will sort out some of the equipment they need. 1. Raw water tank The raw water tank is used to store pure water and raw water to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the subsequent process. 2. Raw water pump The main function of the raw water pump is to keep the system water supply pressure constant and stabilize the system water supply. 3. Quartz sand filter Quartz sand filter is a filter with quartz sand as the filler. Conducive to removing impurities in the water. It also has the advantages of low filtration resistance, large specific surface area, strong acid and alkali resistance, and good pollution resistance. The sand filter can effectively remove suspended solids in the water and treat colloids, iron, organic matter, pesticides, manganese, and bacteria in the water. , Viruses and other pollutants have obvious removal effect. At the same time, the quartz sand filter equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, automatic control of operation, large processing flow, few backflushing times, high filtration efficiency, low resistance, and convenient operation and maintenance. 4. Activated carbon filter The work of the activated carbon filter is completed by the carbon bed. The activated carbon particles that make up the carbon bed have a lot of micropores and a huge specific surface area, and have a strong physical adsorption capacity. The water passes through the carbon bed, and the organic pollutants in the water are effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. In addition, there are some oxygen-containing tube energy groups on the non-crystalline part of the activated carbon surface, so that the organic pollutants in the water passing through the carbon bed are effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. Activated carbon filter is a more commonly used integrated reverse osmosis pure water equipment. As a pre-treatment of water treatment desalination system, it can effectively ensure the service life of subsequent equipment, improve the quality of effluent water, and prevent pollution. 5. Precision filter Precision filter (also called security filter), the shell of the cylinder is generally made of stainless steel, and the interior uses PP melt blown, wire-fired, folded, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element and other tubular filter elements as filter elements, according to Different filter media and design process choose different filter elements to meet the requirements of effluent water quality. This equipment is widely used in the water treatment industry and is an ideal equipment for water purification treatment. 6. During the ultrafiltration process of the main unit of the integrated reverse osmosis pure water equipment, the aqueous solution flows through the membrane surface under pressure, and the solvent (water) smaller than the membrane pores and the small molecule solute permeable membrane become the purification liquid (filtrate) , The solutes and solute groups larger than the membrane pores are intercepted and discharged with the water flow to become concentrated liquid. The ultrafiltration process is dynamic filtration, and the separation is completed in a flowing state. The solute is only deposited on the membrane surface in a limited way, the ultrafiltration rate decays to a certain extent and tends to balance, and can be restored by cleaning. 7. Ozone sterilization sterilizer ozone sterilization uses air as coal and does not require any other auxiliary materials and additives. The body has good inclusiveness, thorough sterilization, and Tongjin has a strong function of removing mildew, fishy, u200bu200bodor and other odors. The high oxidation-reduction potential determines its wide application in oxidation, decolorization and deodorization. Ozone is dissolved in water and can kill almost all substances harmful to the human body, such as iron, manganese, chromium, sulfate, phenol, benzene, and oxides. It can also decompose organic matter and kill algae. 8. The purified water tank is used for temporary storage and release of the prepared purified water! 9. Booster pump Booster pump provides stable pressure for subsequent filtration and filling system. The integrated reverse osmosis pure water equipment produced by the environmental protection company, with the continuous advancement of technology, meets the water needs of different industries. The company has always put the interests of customers first, reducing customer maintenance costs and delaying the service life of the equipment.
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